Man Who Killed His Stepdad With ‘Atomic Wedgie’ Is Sentenced to 30 Years In Prison

I know as a kid, it was funny to go around giving one of your friends a wedgie, but who knew that could be deadly? Read more after the jump…

(Photo) Oklahoma High Court Rules Ten Commandments Must Be Removed!

After a week of controversial Supreme Court rulings in the United States, a high court in Oklahoma makes a controversial ruling as well. The court called for the removal of a statue on its capitol that depicts the Ten Commandments of the bible.

State Of Emergency Declared In Oklahoma

As the weather gets worse, several counties in Oklahoma have chosen to declare a state of emergency. Read more about this state of emergency after the jump.

(Video) Kentucky Fried Chicken Airs Porn In Restaurant

During a family meal over at Kentucky Fried Chicken , this family didn’t exactly get what they expected. Hop into the post to see Kentucky Fried Chicken Air Porn in Restaurant. #IFWT!

Holiday Spirit: Police Find Easter Bunny Stuffed With $30K Worth Of Meth

There’s nothing like celebrating Easter with a little meth in your kid’s stuffed bunny. On Friday, Tahlequah City Police in Oklahoma seized an adorable little Easter bunny stuffed with approximately $30K worth of meth. According to the cops, it was one of the oddest drug busts they’ve done thus far. “We’ve intercepted narcotics in the mail before, but the Easter Bunny I thought was a strange touch,” Police Chief Nate King revealed. An officer posed as a delivery man to smuggle the package with the meth-bunny to a woman’s home, but the police dogs sniffed it out before it was able to get through. The woman, Carolyn Ross, admitted to knowing about the delivery of the package and is currently being held on a $75,000 bail. What ever happened to some good ol’ Peeps or caramel stuffed chocolate bunnies for Easter? Meth is just taking it way too far, people. WAY TOO FAR! (LOL!)

(Video) One Expelled Student from SAE Racist Chant Issues Apology

Just in time or too little–too late? Heads have been rolling since the Oklahoma University president brought the hammer down in response to the SAE fraternity’s caught-on-tape racist chant. Now One Expelled Student from SAE Racist Chant Issues Apology, will he be embraced or nah?

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