(Video) Google Might Have Created The Greatest Lightsaber Star Wars Desktop Game In History

I don’t know if it’s because I’m such a “Star Wars” geek, or a Techie that’s really digging the way this game is set up! So in the theme that is running the world, at least until Friday when the movie(aka life changing event), Google put together an on-line Lightsaber gaming experience that even a ‘non-fan'(like that exists) can enjoy!! Hit the jump for a brief description and the link to play it!!!

LIVE: Hot97 x Rockstar Games x Maino x Uncle Murda x Dj Bobby Trends x Dj Kast One RIGHT NOW!!!!!

We’ve Been talking about it for over a week, and the time is Here, But it’s Not too late, go to RockStargames.com, sign up to Play against us RIGHT NOW, Or if you’re in some type of passive mode, Just View us Right here, Right Now!!! Tat Wza

Tech Talk Event: Hot97 x Rockstar Games x Maino x Uncle Murda June 26th LIVE!!!!

I am Very Excited to bring some gaming pleasure to the On-line community we have here on IFWT, & Hot97.com, and there was NO Company I would rather work with than My People’s over at Rockstar Games, with legendary titles under their belt like GTA, Midnight Club, L.A. Noir, Red Dead Redemption, and of course, the title that spawned a Movie…MAX PAYNE!!!! Part 3 is out and with the New Multi-player feature….Well Hit the Jump for the Details That You Need to know!! Tat WZA

Tech Talk News: NY Governor Andrew M. Cuomo Emails NY’ers About Camping??

The Dear Gov wants NY’ers to explore the wilds Of NY, and Emailed us to let us know, including an interactive camping guide, which to me shows This guy is totally keeping up with the time, which to me also shows what good Leader he Is!!! Hit the Jump for the Email, and Guide. +TatWZA

Tech Talk News: Youth Shaping Future Of Online TV, Movies, Music

Young people want their music, TV and movies now — even if it means they get these things illegally.A recent Columbia University survey found, in fact, that 70 percent of 18- to 29-year-olds said they had bought, copied or downloaded unauthorized music, TV shows or movies, compared with 46 percent of all adults who’d done the same. @Yungjohnnybravo @TatWZA

Tech Talk Shopping: 2 Deal Tuesday At Best Buy!!!

I ran across a Best Buy Deal of th Day, that seems Pretty Good, Pretty Pretty Good(Larry David Voice) as long as you’re looking for a TV, and/or Xbox Deal, Hit the Jump. +TatWZA

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