Palm Beach Principal Arrested, Caught In Car With Student And Pot

The principal of a Florida high school was suspend from her job after being caught earlier in the week in the car with one of her male students. The two were in the car and the principal had her shirt undone and was in possession of marijuana.

Oh No!: ‘Tan Mom’ Hospitalized After Suffering From Seizure In Rehab

The infamous “tan mom,” also known as Patricia Krentci from New Jersey, was recently hospitilized after she had a seizure at her Lukens Institute rehab facility. She is currently being treated for alcoholism for 30 days after she was found WASTED trying to board an airplane. Krentci was treated for her seizure at a Palm Beach hospital and is now reportedly at home resting and recovering.

Son Of Cop Steals Dad’s Car And Goes On Chase!!!

Talk about teen angst! Eric Rawdon of Palm Beach stole his dad’s police car, who is the Sheriff deputy and led cops on a wild chase. He ended up crashing into the median and was left facing the wrong direction on the highway. He faces charges of reckless driving, eluding law enforcement at high speed, and grand theft auto. Check out more after the jump.

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