(Video) Exactly How The iPhone 6 Will Look In Your Hand, Plus Proof Of Better Resolution!!

I’ve been seeing so many people popping off on IG that they ‘already have the new iPhone’, ‘oh where is YOUR connect’….Problem is I’m like 99.999999% SURE they have a ‘Mock-Up’ that’s going around and just FRONTING, but this reputable site has put together leaked parts to assembled it themselves, which we have to repeat more than a 3D printed prop.

(Photos) Are These The Clearest Pics Of The iPhone 6 Yet?!? Resolution Of The Screen Confirmed!!!

The good folks over at Feld & Volk via their IG page posted images of parts from the iPhone 6 put together, the front screen and the back panel, which without working, is pretty much the iPhone 6!

(Photos) REAL iPhone 6 Frame And More Leaks, See How Thin It Is!!!!

This shows us a couple things, like yes how thin it is, and it’s going to be metal, Not plastic!

(Video) Caught On Tape: Man Receives New iPhone Parts From China!!

This doesn’t seem like a big deal right? Dude positioning it as an unboxing, but is apple good with this? Doubt it, but do I really gaf? Nope, see video of these alleged ‘unboxing’ of the new iPhone 5C shell.

(Video & Photos – 15) Porn Star Stacie Halas AKA Tiffany Six’s Appeal DENIED – Where Can She Go From Here ?

How would you feel if your child was being taught by an ex porn star ? This chick, (known to her ex-students as) Stacie Halas AKA (known to the FREAKY porn lovers as) Tiffany Six did some pretty raunchy things with her mouth and all of her lady parts. Halas, who said that she was only involved in the industry between 2005-2006 had left that life behind her, but the officials were NOT hearing that. Her job – GONE. Halas appealed their decision, however they shut that down real quick. In TIFFANY’s defense, I’ll say you have to do what you have to do, but on the other hand I don’t think that I would want my son nor daughter looking at Ms. HALAS, knowing that they saw her in the nude, when they should be looking in the books. HYPOCRITICAL? Possibly. The thing is what’s her next step? Drop down bottom, check out the gallery, then have a looksie at her XXX video, and tell me would you be more likely to listen to her teach or reach out and touch her.

Tech Talk News: HTC and Apple To Slow Down Orders With Samsung

HTC and Apple are starting to slow up part orders from competitor Samsung.  On HTC and Apple’s side its a good move business wise since Samsung is a strong competitor between both companies, but will the parts they order from new vendor  AU Optronics will it compare to the Samsung parts. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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