A PayPal Co-Founder Has Pledged $1.25 Million To Donald Trump’s Campaign; #BoyCottPayPal Trends

Peter Thiel, the co founder of the payment service PayPal, is said to be set to donating 1.25 million to the Donlad Trump Presidential campaign. Naturally people who use the service are livid, and I mean livid. Customers have already declared to not use the service as #BoycottPaypal has now become a trending topic on twitter. More on the story after the jump.

Soon You’ll Be Able To Pay With WHAT Social Media Site??

Mobile payments are a huge industry and growing by the day. PayPal, Square and a ton of other players are rushing to build as large a user base as possible to get in early on the gold rush that is mobile payments. It should come as no surprise that a popular social network is trying to get in on the game, and your favorite businesses are probably already active on the site. Which social network is it? Click through the break to find out!

LMFAO….You Won’t BELIEVE What PayPal Did!!!

For just a few minutes Chris Reynolds of Delaware was the world’s first quadrillionaire according to his PayPal account. Apparently PayPal mistakenly put that Reynold’s account was worth $92,233,720,368,547,800. PayPal quickly realized their mistake and removed the money as well as apologized. In addition to the apology PayPal agreed to make a small donation to a charity of Reynold’s choice for the inconvenience.

PayPal In Outer Space..WHAT?!

With the first consumer space flight set to take off this Christmas and talks about the first hotel in space opening up within the next couple of years from a Russian company it is only right that we have money to spend up there right? Hit the jump to see how Paypal is making this happen..

Kicks: @footlocker x PayPal Payments Now Available at Foot Locker In-store

PayPal, a method of payment utilized by countless merchants around the globe. Footlocker is now getting down with the paypal clique. Find out how to make payments and more……

Tech Talk Hack: Anonymous Not Claiming Paypal Hack!!!

Yesterday Anonymous claimed they hacked NBC’s site but as far as hacking Paypal’s site they’re not taking credit for that. The funny thing is nobody actually hacked into Paypal’s site. Even though Anonymous made their claims on Twitter, a recent check by Paypal on Sunday showed the site was hack free. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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