(Video) NBA: Guy Blames Bad Date On Lebron Showing His D*ck During The NBA Finals

Lebron caused quite a stir when he accidentally exposed himself prior to a game during the NBA Finals as he adjusted his shorts. Turns out the FCC actually got complaints about the incident and they are pretty damn funny. One dude goes as far as to blame his Tinder date going bad thanks to his package.

(Video) World’s First Successful Penis Transplant Recipient’s Girlfriend is Pregnant

In international news, a South African’s, who was involved in a botched ceremonial circumcision, penis transplant has been declared successful for the first time in medical history. And, the unidentified 21 year-old male is the world’s first successful penis transplant recipient’s girlfriend is pregnant.

(Video&Photos) NBA: ABC Network Accidentally Shows Lebron’s Penis Before Start Of Game Four!

I’m sure the ladies will enjoy this post more than the fellas, unless you swing that way which is also cool. ABC got more than they bargained for last night prior to the start of game 4 of the NBA Finals.

OUCH I Know That Hurt!! Man Heard Penis Break During Sex!!

Men, imagine having that good ol’ toe curling sex and then “SNAP” your penis broke! Read more after the jump!

Man Speaks Out After Wife Tries To Cut His Penis Off

Man Speaks Out After Wife Tries To Cut His Penis Off. We all love crazy women but they have to be moderately crazy not actually psychotic crazy.

Awkward Much? Man Paints A Nude Picture Of Kim Kardashian With His Penis!!

I don’t know if this should be considered cool and creative or freakishly awkward! I need you to tell me! Read more after the jump…

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