NBA: Trey Burke Reacts To His Penis Pics Being Leaked

Yesterday Utah Jazz point guard Trey Burke’s d*ck pics leaked (ladies you can view them here) & today he’s put out a statement regarding the embarrassing matter. Check out what he had to say…

(Ladies Only! 18+ PHOTOS) NBA: Utah Jazz Trey Burke’s Penis Pics Leak

And the nude pics just keep on coming. This time we have another male — and it’s an NBA baller — Jazz guard and Michigan alum Trey Burke.  He was trending today on Twitter because of his d*ck pics.  Some are saying a scorned lover leaked them — gotta be careful fellas!  This one is for the ladies…

(18+ PHOTO) MLB: Umm, Whoops! Pic in ESPN’s Picture Gallery Shows Fan’s Penis

Ooooppps!  ESPN is going to have to be a little bit more careful about what pics they’re putting up in their galleries. Some idiot fan interrupted the Cubs-Cardinals game last night by running onto the field in only his boxers.  Well as it turns out the fan’s d*ck decided to make an appearance and not only was it caught on camera, but ESPN posted it on their site.  Don’t worry, it was caught and taken down a couple hours later — but screenshots were already captured. If interested, check it out …

(Video) Doctors Cut Off This Guy’s WHAT?!

An Alabama man went into the operating room expecting to lose a tiny bit of his manhood in a routine circumcision but instead came out missing his entire penis! Now ain’t that just a kick in the balls? Find out the whole story after the jump!

(Video) Sports: Hockey Players Are Crazy! NHL Star Lets Pro Golfer Tee Off From His “Groin Area”

What is wrong with people. Not too long ago a woman let another golfer hit a shot from her face! Lucky for her it went ok but there was also a model a couple years ago who let a golfer (or someone saying he was a golfer) hit a tee shot from her butt and he MISSED, causing actual physical damage to the model that she wound up suing for. Now NHL star Tyler Seguin let a guy hit a golf shot using his penis as the tee! He is very lucky how this turned out.

(Video) Christ Bearer Says His Penis Still Works & Will Prove It By Starring In A Porno!

I’m truly convinced this story just seems to be getting weirder and weirder. Wu-Tang affiliated rapper Christ Bearer chopped his own penis off just a few months ago during a failed suicide attempt. Word on the street was that his junk would never work again, but according to the rapper– THAT was a lie. TMZ caught up with Christ Bearer where he explained that not only does his man parts still work but it works VERY well (so he says.) “Does it work?!? Can Chris Brown dance? Can Kanye West rant? Can Jay Z fight off a trick?” he explained. WELLLPPPPPP. As we all expected, Vivid Entertainment’s own Steve Hirsch showed a lot of interest in this possible new porn idea, but he says he needs conformation that the North Star’s junk really does work after the little butchering accident. Check out this wild video below to hear what Christ Bearer had to say. Would you watch him in a porn? Probably would be a lot more exciting than Mimi & Nikko’s (just saying.)

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