DMX Reportedly Abandons His Pitbull At Rhode Island Animal Boarding Facility

According to the Four Paws Pet Resort in Warwick, Rhode Island, DMX abandoned one of his pet pits there in August of last year, and hasn’t paid his bill since October. The dog’s name is aptly named X, if you cared to know.

(Video) Vet Locks Himself In A Hot Car To Prove Why You Should NEVER Lock Your Pet In Your Vehicle!

For some reason people are still actually thinking it’s in some way acceptable to lock their pets inside sweltering hot vehicles. Whelp, they’re idiots and this dedicated Veterinarian set out to prove why. Whether you crack the windows or not leaving your animal in a hot car for even so much as 30 minutes can be fatal to your beloved pet. Check out the video after the jump!

(Photos) Lady Gaga Gets A New Pet And It Is The Cutest Thing Ever

Lady Gaga gets a new pet French bulldog puppy. She is called Asia and is so cute! See for yourself in the gallery

(Photos) OK, Who’s Getting Weeded Now??

It’s only a matter of time before Weed is legal in the U.S. Or at the very least, decriminalized. As of now, there are two states that have allowed its use for recreational purposes. They are Colorado and Washington. Many other states have allowed its use strictly for medicinal purposes, but the process is about as difficult as the “Make a Wish” process. Meaning that you’d pretty much have to be dying. That’s where pet-owners step in. Many feel the pain that their pets feel and are now pushing to have Marijuana prescribed to them. Hit the jump for more info.

LOL! Check Out What THIS Comedian Does While She’s Alone!!

Seasoned comedian, Sarah Silverman, recently sat down with Huffington Post’s #NoFilter just to talk. Hit the jump to check out what she likes to do while she’s alone.

(Photo) The Obamas Get A New Addition To The Family

There’s a new resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., and the First Lady took to Twitter to introduce the newest addition to the Obama family. It looks like Bo is getting a Portuguese Water Dog sister, a young puppy named Sunny who will keep Bo company when the family is away. Check out a picture in the gallery.

(Photo) Justin Bieber Has 24 Hours To Save His Monkey?!?

This poor monkey–taken from his mother before he turned one and traveled with Justin Bieber for a bit only to be detained in Germany for not having the proper paperwork in April. Now it looks like Germany is tired of playing babysitter and demands Justin save his monkey within 24 hours before it goes to a German zoo.

(Photos) In Pets We Trust: Joe Budden Spends QT With His Cane Corso; Kaylin Garcia Cops A New Puppy

They may not be together anymore, but they still have things in common…like loving dogs! Joe Budden showed some love to his dog Brooklyn on Instagram earlier today, a 2-year-old Cane Corso that he added to his family (that included a Grey Nosed Pit named Harlem) in 2011. Shortly following his post, Joe’s ex Kaylin Garcia showed off her new purchase, a cute little terrier she affectionately named Toto, clearly after the movie, Wizard Of Oz. Check out the reality stars and their pets in the gallery!

(Video) Woman Brings Baby Rats On NYC Subway?!?

Sh*t you only see in NYC–a woman casually carrying 8 baby rats AND cleaning the rat cage right on the subway. Check out this ridiculous video after the jump.

(Photo) Damn, Joe Budden’s Dog Is Practically Bigger Than Him!

Joe Budden owns 2 dogs, a blue-nosed Pit named Harlem that he’s had for many years and a cane corso named Brooklyn that he got in late 2010/early 2011. Harlem is pretty laid back and not too big, but Brooklyn is getting bigger and bigger and he pretty much trumps his owner! Check out the pic Joey posted to his Instagram last night following Love & Hip-Hop in the gallery. Sheesh! Marisa Mendez

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