(Photo) LMFAO – Did You See Drake’s Post To President Obama?

As much as we see Drake touring the states, partying in LA and hitting the strip clubs in Houston, sometimes it’s easy to forget that he is a native of Canada, and therefore answers to a totally different government than ours here in the U.S. However, he still has all the love for our guy, Barack Obama. While we all were wiping our tears and typing out our goodbyes to the Obamas on social media during the farewell speech last night, Drake had a few kind words to share as well….though they paled in comparison to the accompanying image!

(Photo) Rihanna Blocks Fan For Photoshopping Her Skin Lighter

A Twitter user by the name of @flopstar has gotten blocked by Rihanna after photoshopping her skin to be white. The Twitter claims that Rihanna would look better as a white person.

(Photos) Photoshop Can Hurt: Why Did They Do Lil Kim Like That?

UPDATE: Lil Kim has a message for the people tampering with her booty. “Since you guys love my behind sooo much, here it is kiss it!!!,” she writes on Instagram with a photo of her backside. Attached, she requested we all stay tuned. ORIGINAL: The fat-shaming is at an all-time low these days. So Lil Kim has packed on a coupled pounds since her “How Many Licks” days. Is that any reason to Photoshop her? Hit the jump for more.

(Photo) Nick Gordon Takes Photoshop Measures For Christmas Card With Bobbi Kristina

It’s the joyful season, but for Nick Gordon he is missing something; Bobbi Kristina Brown. Gordon, who happens to be the target of a wrongful death lawsuit filed against him by the Brown family, misses Bobbi so much that he decided to take an old photo of him and his deceased beau, photoshop some Christmas-y items into said old photo. Hit the jump for more.

(Photo) Zendaya Calls Out Magazine For Photoshopping Her “19 Year-Old Hips And Torso”

Zendaya is never afraid to speak her mind, so when a photoshoot she did was released and showed signs of obvious retouching on the 19 year-old actress’s already slim, hips and torso, she spoke up against the unrealistic beauty standards that the industry hold women to. In a side-by-side photo of the original and photoshopped version, Zendaya called out Modeliste Magazine which printed her looking slimmer and more tan. The mag has taken down the photos since, but you can find the them in the gallery. Hit the jump for more.

(Photo) Tennis: Fans Call Out Serena Williams For Photoshopping Her Pic But Dat A** is Real!

Serena Williams posted a photo on her Instagram account at the San Marcos river in Texas with Arrow star Colton Haynes and another woman.  While Williams’ infamous behind was on display, fans noticed something else in the picture.

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