(PHOTOS) Boxing: Dating Floyd Mayweather?! More Rumors Fly When This HOT Actress Posts Pic on Instagram!!

Here we go again!  More rumors that Floyd Mayweather is dating actress LisaRaye McCoy.  Last November, Floyd was spotted with LisaRaye and blogs went crazy.  Welp, she took to Instagram thinking she was being slick with her caption, but fans are onto her.  Floyd got her a plane to visit him while he’s training for his next fight.  How do we know this?  Because she thanked a certain someone on her pic while she’s getting on the plane and then was rocking the SAME outfit at his gym.  I guess we’ll have to stay tuned to see if this is turning into something…

(Photos) Miley Cyrus Poses With What Kind Of Sex Toy?!

“I cannot be tamed!!” Yes indeed Miley, you surely cannot be tamed. Miley Cyrus has surely been up to a lot of racey activities lately and it doesn’t seem she is going to stop anytime soon! Miley recently posted pictures on instagram of herself on a plane posing with quite an item or toy, should we say.

(Video) NBA: Dwight Howard & Rockets Players Mock Lakers Fans on Team Plane

Earlier we shared videos of Lakers fans booing Dwight Howard in his return to Staples Center and they also chanted “Howard Sucks.”  Not only did Dwight join in with them on the court, afterwards he got the help of his Rockets teammates to mock those fans on their team airplane.  The hate for Dwight will continue to grow for some. Lol. Check it out…

WOW! Justin Bieber Knew His Plane Would Get Searched & Still Smoked In It Anyway!

Is this guy not thinking?! JB knew before he took off for New Jersey that his plane would get searched by U.S. Customs yet he and his entourage still hotboxed on the private jet. The pilot radioed in the air Justin and his people were smoking marijuana on the jet and the flight stewardess couldn’t stop them. The pilot complained the smoke in the cabin was thick. NBC News says the pilot actually had to don a gas mask because it was so bad. But strangest part is, Justin is on a Homeland Security watch list because of 2 pending criminal cases. Multiple sources connected with Bieber tell TMZ … “Justin’s people called federal officials before the plane took off and they were informed Justin was on the list. Justin’s people told him before he got on the jet that he would be searched in New Jersey and interrogated, yet Bieber STILL smoked up the aircraft.” Bieber and his buds were “abusive” to the flight attendant because she asked them to stop smoking. Best part? Bieber’s father was on the plane. By the time the plane got to NJ the mary jane was gone, but drug-sniffing dogs detected trace amounts. A person on the aircraft said that 3 hours after it landed it continued to smell like marijuana.

Crazy! Justin Bieber Will Be Targeted & Searched By U.S. Customs Indefinitely!

Justin Bieber’s days of easily coming in and out of the U.S. are over! Now, he will be a target of U.S. Customs EVERY time he comes back to the states. When Justin flew into a New Jersey airport from Canada last Friday, it took hours to let him go… U.S. Customs searched his plane and then gave him bad looks for hours. Law enforcement sources say, “Custom’s flagged Bieber because he’s on a Homeland Security watch list for his 2 ongoing criminal cases. Bieber is subject to the exact same treatment every time he leaves and then re-enters the U.S. — a thorough search and then exhaustive questioning.” One thing that’s hard is that it’s tough to get off the watch list once you”re on it. You can appeal to Homeland Security but the agency has broad discretion. Even crazier, if Bieber is found guilty or pleads no contest to any criminal charge, it will be extremely difficult for him to go under the radar again. As one source says, “He’s gonna do what he wants to do.” So.. he apparently doesn’t care.

(Photos) Philip Seymour Hoffman Caught Acting Strangely Just A Few Days Before His Death

Just 3 days before Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death, he was seen drunk out of his mind — before the plane had even taken off. He was seen hitting the bottle at an Atlanta bar, and a passenger claims Hoffman was out almost as quickly as he took his seat for the NY-bound jet Thursday, his head falling down into his chest. Just as the plane landed, he was groggy and disheveled. After the flight touched down, he was quickly put on a waiting airport cart and whisked away. He was then seen completely drunk and making constant trips to the bathroom. See the photos captured by a passenger below!

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