Nick Cannon Feels That Planned Parenthood Is Organized Genocide

Nick Cannon has a baby on the way, and he is not a fan of Planned Parenthood because of their abortion services. Apparently Nick isn’t aware that Planned Parenthood does WAY more than abortions, and is actually very important to women’s health – particularly those who can’t afford an OBGYN because they don’t have insurance. Speaking to TMZ while at the airport, Nick said that he feels PP is like organized genocide, calling it simply “population control.” How do you feel about his statement? Check the video below and let us know!

Katy Perry Leads By Example & Donates $10k To Planned Parenthood

Donald Trump wants to cut off funding for Planned Parenthood and other similar places that offer womens’ services. President Obama passed a law back in September that will keep the doors of Planned Parenthood open, no matter what Trump tries to do, but they will certainly need help from donations…and Katy Perry has stepped up to set the example. “I am grateful for and stand in support of Planned Parenthood for giving Katheryn Hudson the knowledge to plan, and for continuing to be a haven for women to learn all options for their future,” Katy wrote on IG with a picture of her $10,000 donation. “Now, more than ever, we all need to protect and create safe places for each other. I hope I can help inspire you to make a gift as well, and become a member and an ally.” Check out the full message below. You too can donate, by clicking this link!

Judge Says Planned Parenthood Killer Is Too Incompetent To Stand Trial

Robert Lewis Dear shot and killed three people and ruined nine others at a Planned Parenthood back in 2015. A judge says he is not mentally stable enough to stand trial. Judge Gilbert Martinez says he knew Dear was unfit when he called the judge a ‘filthy animal.’

(Photos) Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Donate To Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood After Shooting

Just days ago a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic was shook up when a man who was just recently identified as 59-year-old Robert Lewis Dear entered the premises and began shooting. In the end three people were pronounced dead while nine others were left injured. After the shooting took place supermodel Chrissy Teigen and her hubby John Legend took it upon themselves to donate to the planned parenthood to show their concern and support. Read more after the jump.

(Photos) Sick: Colorado Planned Parenthood Gunman Identified

The man accused of the Planned Parenthood massacre this weekend is indeed a twist individual and what makes matters worse is that he’s everything you’d dream about in your nightmares: a real disturbing person. 57 years old, Robert Dear did not only speaking to no one but purposely isolated himself from society… all the makings of something evil.

(Video) Update: Gunman Detained – Gunman In Shootout With Police In Planned Parenthood Colorado

Police say they’re evacuating a Planned Parenthood building in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where a gunman has fired at officers. In fact, Police have been working on an hours-long “active shooting” with the gunman as they have not been able to establish voice contact with the suspect either as Police say the suspect has indeed fired shots, head further into the article to be up to date with this horrific holiday scene.

Three Officers Shot At A Colorado Planned Parenthood

A Colorado Planned Parenthood was placed on lockdown after an active shooter opened fire. Commander Kirk Wilson confirmed three officers were injured while hospital officials were expecting at least four patients. There has yet to be an arrest and may be other hostages taken with the shooter. “We don’t have the suspect yet and we do consider this still an active situation,” Lt. Catherine Buckley told reporters. “There are a lot of possibilities with this scenario,” she said. “As I said, it is very active and we are working our way through it.” Hit the jump for more.

The Nerve: Sarah Palin Compares Planned Parenthood To The Confederate Flag & Says WHAT?!

Former Republican presidential candidate Sarah Palin is infamous for voicing her opinion, often to the point where it can make many uncomfortable and angered. Palin has been going ham via her Facebook page with her #DefundPlannedParenthood campaign photos. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, which is cool, but she took it absolutely TOO far. The politician posted a photo comparing the Confederate flag along side the Planned Parenthood logo with text on top that reads, “Which symbol killed 90,000 black babies last year?”

Find Out How To Get Tested For STDs Right From Your Phone!

Although everyone hate taking that awkward trip to the doctors to get checked for all types of STDs, it is just something that is mandatory. Unfortunately, so many fail to get checked for diseases due to the inconvenience or lack of insurance. However thanks to Planned Parenthood, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea testing is now made available right from your Smart phone since they are the two most common sexually-transmitted diseases in the world. The services will cost $149 and will include an at-home STD testing kit that gets sent straight to your house.

A New-School Method For Parents Raising Children Causes A Stir!!

David Vienna of has revealed some techniques for parents who are fans of parenting trends. It’s quite simple, yet so sophisticated and it takes a special type of person to adhere to it. It’s actually a two-step process that will sooth your overzealous thoughts about raising another life. Hit the jump for the process.

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