(Video) Graphic: Body Cam Catches Police Officers Using Excessive Force On Alleged Drug Addict

The body cam footage is from the Evansville police department in Indiana. In the video the police are seen using extremely excessive force. In the video the 36 year old victim could be heard whimpering for help. Please be advised that the content is graphic. Check out the video and more on the story after the jump.

NBA: Carmelo Anthony: ‘You Can’t Put White Police in the ‘Hood’

In the October 31 “NBA Preview” edition of ESPN The Magazine, they spoke with Carmelo Anthony about everything but basketball.  Instead it was an in depth discussion about police brutality, race, and the issues plaguing society.  The New York Knicks star has come out in the forefront of black athletes speaking out with all these police-involved shootings and issues in black neighborhoods.

(Video) Michael B. Jordan, Danny Glover, And Michael K. Williams Make An Appearance In A Super Powerful PSA

Michael B. Jordan, Danny Glover, The Wire’s Michael K. Williams, CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill, and political activist Van Jones all made an appearance in a new PSA that centralizes around police brutality. The powerful PSA features snippets from police recent police killings and also words from Harry Belafonte.

Jay-Z Speaks Out On Police Brutality During Press Conference

Earlier we announced that Jay-Z would be working on a new television series with The Weinstein Company which will centralize around Kalief Browder, a 16-year-old who was imprisoned on Rikers Island for three years without conviction before taking his own life. Jay did a press conference about the show when a reporter asked him what he thinks is the best way to “[stop] police brutality against African-American men.”

(Video) Maino Speaks On Police Brutality/Compares Terrorists & Black Men

Maino says an armed terrorist has a better chance at living than a black man in America. Compared to what we’ve seen in the last week with the NY/NJ bombings and the already few police shootings this week, you can’t argue.

#BlackLivesMatter : Unarmed Man #TerenceCrutcher Shot And Killed By Police, He Was Having Car Trouble

Lastnight at or around 7:40pm Tulsa Police shot and killed an unarmed black man Terrence Crutcher. Terence’s car had stalled. When police arrived Crutcher was at the hood of his car. Officers state that they asked Crutcher to raise his hands multiple times and he did not comply. One officer then tazed Crutcher and then an officer fired a shot. Terence was unarmed, the name of the officer has still not been released. Check in after the jump for more details on the tragedy.

(Video) Iowa Cop Disciplined For Pulling On Man’s Dreadlocks After He Was Cuffed On The Floor

Check out the way this police officer treated this black man after a high speed chase. Since then he’s been criticized heavily, even by his very own police chief.

(Video) Oklahoma Police Pepper Spray 84 Year Old Black Woman, Tase Her Son

The Body Cam Footage has been released of a police encounter in Oklahoma. In the video the police disgustingly pepper spray an 84 year old woman and tase her son. In the video her son is tased, once tased the woman comes out to see what is going on. She is told to turn around and 40 seconds or so later, although posing no threat, the 84 year old woman is pepper sprayed by one of the officers. Check out the horrible video after the jump.

(Video) Man Spits Truth On Live TV After His Brother Is Killed By A Milwaukee Police Officer

Tensions got really high in Milwaukee literally hours after Sylville Smith was shot by Milwaukee Police. Protests turned into riots, riots turned into burning down businesses. That same night a news reporter talked to the victim’s brother and he had some powerful words he wanted America, especially police officers, to hear.

North Miami Police Commander Won’t Face Charges In Therapist Shooting

Miami Police Commander Emile Hollant apparently won’t receive any charges after giving out false information about the shooting of behavioral therapist Charles Kingsley.

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