Milwaukee Police Chief Refuses To Apologize For Joking About “4 Simple Rules” To Not Get Shot

Police Ed Flynn announced during a ceasefire Sabbath event “4 simple rules” not to get shot. What could be the “4 SimpleRules”?

Chicago Police Chief Fired As A Result Of Laquan McDonald Shooting Caught On Tape

Chicago mayor, Rahm Emanuel, called Police Supt. Garry McCarthy into his office on Monday. When McCarthy left, he was employed, however, overnight Emanuel phoned the man in charge to let him know that he had been fired. Find out more down bottom.

Ferguson Hires Black Officer As New Interim Police Chief

Just days before the anniversary of the tragic killing of 18 year-old Mike Brown, the city of Ferguson announced they have hired new, black interim police chief.Andre Anderson who previously served as a commander with the Glendale Police Department in Arizona, was appointed Wednesday morning along with new city manager Ed Beasly by the city’s mayor. Read more below.

(Video) Ferguson, MO Police Chief Issues An Apology To Mike Brown’s Family!

Ferguson, MO Police Chief, Thomas Jackson has issued an apology statement in the death of teen, Mike Brown. Since August 9th, when officer Darren Wilson shot and killed Brown, the city has been utter mayhem. The incident incited riots and backlash towards the city’s council, police department and other local governments. Today, Jackson acknowledges the wrong-doing on behalf of the police department by issuing a filmed apology. Check it out down bottom.

Oh, The Irony! Ex-Guatemala Police Chief Sentenced To Life In Prison!

Guatemala’s former police chief was sentenced in a Swiss court on Friday to life in prison for his involvement in 7 killings of inmates in a Guatemalan prison that were not legally authorized. And get this, he pulled this crap during his tenure as police chief from 2004-2007. It took til 2012 for the former police chief, Erwin Sperisen, to be arrested in Switzerland for the planning and directing of these murders. Find out more after jump.

(Disturbing Video) Rochester Police Officer Caught On Camera Beating A Pregnant Woman! [Disturbing]

I caught myself getting angry, so I opted out of watching the full video. 21-year-old, Brenda Hardaway was ATTACKED by, Officer Lucas Krull (oh, the irony), of the Rochester police department, during an arrest with body slams and punches to the head. All while informing the police officer that she was pregnant. The incident was all caught on camera by neighbor, and even after the police chief, James Sheppard saw what went down, he’s backing the officer. [Krull] showed, “tremendous restraint” during the altercation, says the chief. REALLY?! “While the video may cause concern relative to the officer’s tactics, I stress that it is important that the incident be viewed in its totality and to withhold judgment until all the facts are known, including those parts of the event that are not shown on the video,” he adds. If I were on the scene, I don’t know if I could have simply watched. SAD! Hit the jump, and view at you’re own risk. 18+, please!

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