(Video 18+) Cincinnati Officer Indicted In Shooting Of Sam Dubose Prosecutor Says “He Purposefully Killed Him.”

The video from the body cam worn by Police Officer Ray Tensing clearly shows that he murdered motorist Sam Dubose during a routine traffic stop. Today, Tensing was was indicted on murder charges for the fatal shooting of the black motorist. Read more below.

(Video) LAPD Shoot & Kill Homeless Man In Broad Daylight & It’s All Caught On Video

We unfortunately have another shooting that took place earlier today involving police using deadly force. This incident occurred in downtown Los Angeles and involved a bunch of officers and a homeless man in broad day light and the ugly scene was all caught on video and uploaded by Facebook user Anthony Blackburn. The man was shot 5-6 times and died pretty much immediately. The video is very graphic. Details are still sketchy at the moment. Police shot and killed a homeless man after they’d Tased him for not coming out of his tent. The LAPD were originally responding to a reported robbery in the Skid Row district of downtown Los Angeles.

(Graphic Video) Update: LAPD Shows A Pic Of A Weapon; L.A. Man Shot In The Head By Police

L.A. Man Shot In The Head By Police, America is turning into the criminal police blotter, keeping track of every move of the people that are supposed to keep us safe, we just don’t trust em. Amidst peaceful protest in many major cities across the country, Police are still finding time to kill it’s citizens. Last night in LA, a man was shot int the head several times by police.

(Video) Update: Full Surveillance Video Released; 12 Year Old Boy Killed By Cleveland Police Over Fake Gun

12 Year Old Boy Killed By Cleveland Police, but this time the full video is released early in the hopes of transparency, so we are all on the same page. The boy was chilling in a park, holding what’s being labeled a toy gun, but he was brandishing it to people as they walked past him, which is legally ‘menacing’ . 911 is then called by someone sitting close watching it all happen.

Unarmed Brooklyn Man Fatally Shot By NYPD Officer

Last night an unarmed Brooklyn man was fatally shot by a rookie NYPD officer. Read more inside.

(Photos) Unarmed Teen Killed By Police Just Days Before He Was To Go Off To College – The Town Riots

Take yourself back to the day you first sat down and watched, Do The Right Thing. Remember how the police did Radio Raheem? Remember how the people in the city reacted? Imagine that same thing happening in 2014. Teen Michael Brown was only a couple days shy of beginning his college education when he went to St. Louis, MO from Ferguson, MO to visit his grandmother only to never return home nor go off to school. Depending on who is reciting the story, you will get multiple scenarios, but one guy seems to make his statement pretty clear after uploading his reaction on YouTube. “Bruh, don’t shoot me. Don’t shoot me,” the witness says that Mike yelled after the police officer pulled a gun on him, but to no avail. The cop shot Mike about eight times. Check out this and more down bottom.

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