(Video) Judge Reunites With Classmate After He’s Released From Prison

Who can forget that emotional video of the judge that recognized a defendant that she went to middle school with. To Arthur Brooks’ surprise, judge Mindy Glazer was waiting for him right when he got out of jail.

C-Murder Is Currently Under Investigation For Recording Songs While In Prison

C-Murder, who is currently in prison for killing a teenager back in 2002, is currently under investigation after authorities suspect he has been recording music while behind bars. Last week, the rapper dropped a video for a new single. He has a album coming out in April called, “Penitentiary Chances.”

(Photo) NFL: Former Ravens Player Terrence Cody Sentenced To Nine Months In Prison For Animal Cruelty

Terrence Cody at one point had a very solid and still promising NFL career but that came to an end last year when the Ravens released him after he was convicted on animal cruelty where he allegedly allowed his dog to starve to death. Yesterday came the sentencing phase, where Cody was given nine months in county jail, even though prosecutors were asking for more than two years behind bars.

(Video) A Brooklyn Man Gets Released From Prison After Serving 25 Years For A Murder He Did Not Commit

A Brooklyn man can finally get a decent meal and rest after being released from prison. Andre Hatchett spent 25 years in jail for a murder that he did not commit. Hatchett was convicted back in 1991. After being released, Hatchett said, ‘I told y’all I didn’t do this.’

Playboy Model Sentenced To Over Two Years In Prison For Failed Mob Hit

Ex-Playboy model Slobodanka Tosic is now serving over two years in prison for a failed mob hit. Authorities claim that Tosic tried to persuade Djordje Zdrale, a Balkan “gangland figure” into a trap by using the love he had for her against him. Zdrale serviced the attack that Tosic had set up for him. He was able to testify in court against her.

Major Karma! Jared Fogle Is Gaining Back All His Pre-Subway Weight In Prison

What goes around comes back around…in inches if you’re Jared Fogle. Before he was infamous for fantasizing about child pornography, he was famous for shedding 200 pounds from his size 60 pants by eating Subway sandwhiches – must to the launch of his and Subway’s careers. Since, he’s been sentenced to 15 years in prison and is 3 months in. A close source reveals how much weight Jared’s already actually gained back, his eating habits, and how he gets treated in jail. Hit the jump.

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