(Video) Lmao…Guy Goes Off On Kanye…”You Make Me Want To Punch Innocent Puppies In The Face”

Lmao omg…this guy is too funny. He just went on a Kanye West rant – stemming from his diss against Taylor Swift. The stuff this guy is saying is hilarious, with my favorite quotable – “you make me want to punch innocent puppies in the face.” Lol, hit the jump.

(Video) Caught On Camera: Man Stuffs WHAT Down His Pants?!?

I’m saying…there are a lot of reason’s people shoplift, usually for things they can’t afford, their desire gets the better of them, but this is kinda Crazy, Dude putting Puppies down his pants?! Did he REALY Need Puppies?! Hit the Jump.

An Artist Wanted To Strangle Puppies For Art!

A German artist, fortunately, was not given the chance to be able to strangle puppies to death on stage , for the sake of art.  His artistic piece called Death As Metamorphisis was to feature him on killing them stage to show how sled dogs are killed once they cannot be used. Steph  Bassanini Read the story after the jump!

Chris Brown Creates A Website To Sell Puppies

Chris Brown has added yet another item onto his already-long resume…dog seller. The singer/dancer/actor created a website to sell baby pits, to “make sure they go to good homes.” His rep Maureen O’Connor said Breezy is an animal lover, and the pups were born to dogs he keeps at his family home in VA. They’re going for $1000 each, and the site guarantees their health, shots, registration and more. I kind of want one! They’re SO cute! Marisa Mendez

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