Subway Guy Jared Fogel Back In The Hot Seat After FBI Finds Texts Bragging About Sex With A 16 Year-Old Girl

Jared, the ‘Subway Diet’ guy’s home was raided a month ago while the FBI searched for child pornography. The feds turned up nothing at the time but the damage was done and Subway dropped Jared from their brand. Clearly, that was the smart choice because upon further investigations the FBI turned up text messages between Fogel and a friend, bragging about him having sex with a 16 year-old girl! Read more below.

U.S. Troops Kill Key ISIS Member In Syria

U.S. government officials have confirmed that a key senior ISIS commander named Abu Sayyaf, has been killed by U.S. Special Operations forces during a raid in eastern Syria. Read more on the story after the jump!

(Photos) Drugs, Guns, Cash and a Crocodile Found in NJ Police Raid

One of these things is not like the other: Drugs, Guns, Cash and a Crocodile Found in NJ Police Raid of five homes earlier this week!

(Photos) Uh-Oh! FBI Raid Mally Mall’s Las Vegas Home!

Mally Mall’s Las Vegas home is currently being raided by the FBI, as he’s been a target “in an ongoing criminal investigation, although law enforcement would not be specific.” He’s not home, however, as he’s in L.A. shooting for Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood. I’m 99.9% positive this is drug-related, but we’ll know more soon enough!

Update: Originally Thought To Be Cocaine, Police Now Believe Lil Za Had Molly

Okay, so he’s not in AS much trouble…but he’s still in trouble! If you haven’t been keeping up, here’s the deal: over the weekend, Justin Bieber and his friends allegedly (it’s not totally proven just yet) egged his neighbor’s house, causing over $20k in damage. Cops had enough probable cause to obtain a felony search warrant for Bieber’s home today to see if they found any proof, and though they didn’t find much tying him to the egging yet(there’s surveillance footage that still needs to be reviewed), they did make an arrest: JB’s boy, Lil Za. Originally reported to have had cocaine, cops are now saying they believe they were mistaken and it is Molly instead, as well as Xanax. This still could land him behind bars for up to a year, though since it’s his first charge, it probably won’t do much.

UPDATED: (Photo) Lil Za Arrested At Justin Bieber’s Home…But It’s NOT For The Egging!

Everyone knew Lil Za was a bad egg! (Drumroll, please!) After 11 squad cars descended on Justin Bieber’s home this morning with a felony search warrant for the egging of his neighbor’s home, his controversial best friend Lil Za has officially been arrested. However, it’s NOT for the egging: cops found drugs on the upcoming rapper and have hit him with FELONY possession. A new update has just arrived as of 2:45 EST: it’s for COCAINE! Justin Bieber is not involved at all, police confirmed. As far as the egging goes, deputies dismantled Justin’s security system and took it with them, so they will be reviewing the footage to see if they can find anything. We’ll keep you updated!

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