BREAKING: Justin Bieber Is Currently Being Detained By Police As They Raid His House

Justin Bieber is currently being detained by police as they search his L.A. home, after they obtained a felony search warrant in connection to the alleged egging the Biebs was involved in at his neighbor’s home. Sources say cops will look for anything that is relevant to the egg incident, including other eggs in the house and possible video, like Justin’s surveillance system. IFWT will keep you updated.

NFL: Bad Timing … Victor Cruz Caught In Nightclub Raid

Don’t you just hate when you’re out enjoying yourself with some friends at a nice place … and the place gets raided?!  Well that’s what happened to Victor Cruz a couple nights ago.  Report after the jump…

Peep This: Grandfather & Grandson Arrested In Pittsburgh Drug Raid

Who said the drug game can’t be a family business, it happens. Hit the jump for the full story!

(Video) Nelly Speaks On His Tour Bus Raid That Found Heroin, Guns & Weed

Nelly hopes that you don’t change your perception of him after cops found heroin, weed and guns on his tour bus that he had “no idea about” last month. LMAO! He’s lucky his man took the fall for him, that’s for sure. By no means am I saying all of that belonged to the St. Louis rapper, but I’m more than sure he had a full knowledge of its presence and was using at least one of the three things found. Below, he speaks to MTV on the incident and how it “hurt” him. Marisa Mendez

Pharmaceutial Company Linked To Meningitis Outbreak Raided

The New England Compounding Center who has been linked to the meningitis outbreak was raided today. The federal prosecutor of Massachusetts and U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz in conjuntion with local authorities are investigating the allegations against the company. Click here to read more. Funk Flex

Member Of Nelly’s Entourage Takes The Fall After Cops Find Guns, Heroin & Weed On His Tour Bus!

Nelly better set his boy up for life, both during his prison stay and upon his release! His tour bus rolled through Texas last night…a state NOTORIOUS for inspecting buses at border patrol and making arrests for even weed (Curren$y, Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, Fiona Apple)…and apparently the guys didn’t have the smarts to hide the HEROIN, loaded guns and weed that they were carrying with them! 7 people, including Nelly, were detained during the search, but after a member of his crew by the name of Brian Keith Jones took the rap, the 6 others were freed and he was hauled off to jail. No word on the amount of time he’s facing, but Nelly better thank his lucky stars he has such a ride-or-die on his team! More details on what they found below. Nelly has yet to comment. Marisa Mendez

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