(Video) LIVE STREAM: NYPD Raids Occupy Wall Street…Protesters Fight Back!!

(UPDATE: 4:30 a.m.)The NYPD raided the Occupy Wall Street protest in Zucotti Park this evening and thousands of protesters are fighting back. According to onlookers, the police physically removed protesters from their peaceful protesting “homes”, ripped apart tents, and broke and threw out personal items. As you’ll see in the livestream, the protesters are NOT happy– but at least they’ve stayed peaceful…so far. Since the raid, hundreds of protesters have gathered in Foley Square and are planning to revolt. Hit the jump to see history going down!! Wendy L.

Heroin Mill Operating In Gentrified Red Hook Neighborhood Gets Shut Down

Last week, police busted a heroin ring in a gentrified Red Hook neighborhood. Apparently, the dealers thought that by operating in a nicer neighborhood they could avoid law enforcement but they were wrong, the police & investigators caught up! Amanda Mullen

Brad Pitt Gets Swarmed By Cops In A Gun Raid???

Earlier today, Brad Pitt was caught in the middle of a massive gun bust by cops. Findout why after the jump!! Tim C.

Three Men Arrested After Accidentally Calling 911 During Heist

Three Pennsylvania men are facing burglary charges after one of them sat on their cell phone and mistakenly dialed 911. This self-inflicting call was the one that led police right to them. @capriSUNshine

More Than 100 NYC-Area Immigrants With Criminal Pasts Rounded Up In Major Nationwide Raid

Even after serving time for their crimes more than 100 New York City-area immigrants with criminal records were rounded up as part of a major nationwide raid. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story. @WiL

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