(Video) Melle Mel Calls Jay-Z A Clown And Says He’ll Beat Eminem In A Rap Battle

VideoByBravo I didn’t think I could find anyone who would think or say one of those things in the same sentence, let alone both…

(Photos) Nick Cannon Challenges Anyone To $100K Rap Battle

Is Nick asking for it….

(Video) OUCH: A Rap Battle Turns Into A Smack-Cam Session

I honestly love a good rap battle, although, the last one I saw [Fredro Starr & Keith Murray] traumatized me for a while; I love seeing where an artist is lyrically. However, there’s the intensity of a rap battle session that leaves me on the edge of my seat. One never knows if those verbal jabs are going to be hard enough to push the opponent over the edge. For the most part, things don’t get hectic; that was until this most recent rap battle between Charron and K-Shine. Charron brought a prop to the battle, a fake gun. K-Shine was not feeling the prop, so he slapped it out of his opponent’s hand. Said opponent smacked K-Shine’s hat off of his head, which caused all H-E-Double hockey sticks to break loose. SMACK! Hit the jump for more.

(Photo) Lady Luck Gets Back In The Ring To Battle Official

If you remember fight club then you remember Lady Luck! After battling Remy Martin two times anyone who wasn’t familiar with her before got to know her then. Since then she has been focused on music and is now preparing to get back in the ring against another female Rap Battler Official from New Orleans.

(Video) SMH Or LOL? Two 5 Year Olds Have A Rap Battle?

I mean I don’t know if this is completely sad because they let the kids use profane language ad let them fight, or stupid funny because it was funny on the low 0_o

(Video) NBA: Damian Lillard Gets Into a Rap Battle With Female — Who Won?!

Damian Lillard, who created #4BarFriday, got into a Rap Battle with a female while on vacation in Hawaii.  Fans seem to really be feeling the chick over Damian.  Check it out & weigh in…

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