NBA: Co-Defendant In Derrick Rose Rape Case Takes The Stand

Ryan Allen, Derrick Rose’s bestie and 1/4 of the alleged gang-rapers took the stand today in the case and gave his recount of the night’s events since Derrick really can’t recall too much.

NBA: Judge Rules No Mistrial or Dismissal in Civil Rape Case Against Derrick Rose

Yesterday it was reported that judge in the civil rape case against Derrick Rose may declare a mistrial due to evidence (important text messages) his accuser withheld from the defense.  Today, however, the judge ruled that the case will go on.

NBA: Derrick Rose’s Rape Case Judge May Dismiss The Case Over Text Messages

This Derrick Rose alleged rape case has taken about 50 twists and turns. The latest maybe be in Rose’s favor though. Keep reading for details.

NBA: Derrick Rose Jurors Questioned On Group Sex

Potential jurors for the Derrick Rose alleged rape case began, and some of the questions are a little risque to say the least.

Kim Kardashian Says She Feared Being Raped During Robbery

Before Kim was robbed, she was laying in her bed with nothing but a robe on. Kim heard footsteps which is when she tried to call her bodyguard. One of the robbers caught on to Kim and snatched her phone.

NBA: Judge Agrees To Have Derrick Rose Accuser’s Identity Revealed

Finally! Ugh…Derrick Rose’s rape accuser has been mandated to give up her identity according to the judge in the case.

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