(Photos) Is This iPhone 6 Leak Real Or Nah?!

Really, I’m looking at this and am thinking it’s the same iPhone 6 mock up that has been out for months now. TMZ is usually pretty reliable, but they have been known to make a boo boo here and there, and they are not tech geeks, they could have easily been fed some lines of BS by somebody looking to get paid or famous.

(Photo Finish) The Worst Time To Take A Picture At A Party???

LOL, I can’t believe this is real, but should it be it’s kinda crazy, Somebody might of had a little too much to drink, an let it out at Exactly the wrong time, Hit the Jump to see what I’m saying here. +TatWZA

(Photo) Real Or Fake: Is This The World’s Smallest Animal???

I love finding Weird Sh*t on the Internet, just to show All of our Great #IFWT Readers!! This one is a little weird too, the Worlds Smallest Animal, a Lizard at that, I think it’s a Gecko, lol making the Geico Gecko look like Godzilla, Hit the Jump. +TatWZA

Tech Talk Robotics: Is “Mac Man” Real Or Fake???

Coming straight out of China(Sorry Compton)…a crazy Muthf*#ka named ‘Mac Man’. A picture claiming to be a cyborg named Mac Man has surfaced, claiming it’s a cyborg made out of Old Mac parts, and although it seems to have it’s very own ‘Steve Robs’ with it, I question it’s validity, hit the jump and tell me what you think??? +TatWZA

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