(Video) NBA: Players Read Mean Tweets For Kimmel

OMG…this is the funniest ever. Check out NBA players reading mean tweets that twitter gangsters posted about them. The facial expressions though…

(Video) NBA: Reggie Miller Defeats Drake In Ping Pong Challenge, Rematch Already Scheduled

The suspense is finally over. After days of keeping us in the dark, we now know that Reggie Miller defeated Drake in their ping pong challenge that Reggie initiated. OK, so I know you really weren’t waiting in suspense but after watching the video, these guys were taking the challenge very serious! Both Drake & Reggie are covered in sweat and really wanted to win. In the end though it was Reggie with the narrow victory!

(Video) NBA: Drake & Charles Barkley Crack Jokes On Reggie Miller During Their Ping Pong Match

You will have to wait till Sunday to see how the ping pong challenge between Drake & Reggie Miller turned out but you don’t have to wait to hear some jokes. Drake & Charles Barkley were dying laughing at the fact Reggie showed up in shorts and possibly a back brace just to play some ping pong. Tune in to TNT Sunday night to see the entire match and all the stars who makes cameo’s.

NBA: Reggie Miller Reveals The Real Reason He Hated Kobe So Much

When Reggie Miller was in the NBA, unless you were a fan of the Pacers you pretty much hated him. There were many players in the league who couldn’t stand him so it’s interesting to hear him talk about someone that he hated. That someone was Kobe Bryant but as it turns out, he has some pretty decent reasons for hating the mamba.

(Video) NBA: Reggie Miller Challenges Drake To All-Star Ping Pong, Says “Don’t Treat Me Like Meek Mill

Reggie Miller laid down a challenge to Drake in his hometown for All Star weekend and he accepted. The two will face off in some type of ping pong battle in Toronto after Drake confirmed on twitter he was in. That prompted Reggie to speak about it during the Knicks vs Pistons game which he was calling on TNT. Of course, anytime someone mentions Drake, the name Meek Mill will usually be soon to follow. Reggie is already asking for mercy, hoping Drake doesn’t treat him the same.

(Video) NBA: Reggie Miller Shares What Happened The One & Only Time He Tried To Trash Talk Jordan

Reggie Miller came into the NBA with plenty to say and never shut up. While on the Jimmy Kimmel show, he spoke of his rookie year when he ran into Michael Jordan during a preseason game during the 1987-88 campaign, and made the fatal error of talking smack to MJ (who went on to average 35 points a game that season.) Mike quickly showed young Reggie who the king of the court was. Miller also tells of a great story about losing a bet to New York Knicks superfan Spike Lee and getting the cold shoulder from an imprisoned Mike Tyson.

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