Fetty Wap’s issues with glaucoma required him to have an operation on his eyes at a very early age. Unfortunately only one was able to be salvaged, and he went on to wear a prosthesis in the other eye for years following. As he got into his late teens, however, Fetty decided the fake eye was no longer needed – as it not only gave him headaches when using it, but he also wasn’t ashamed to be different from his peers. Thus, “One Eyed Willy” was born, and he became the guy we know and love today. Now he’s not only breaking records with his hit songs, but Fetty is inspiring people as well, and one such person is a young man by the name of Jayden. Jayden’s mom, Brenda Vaden (wait hold up – not to sidetrack here, but does that mean this kid’s name is Jayden Vaden? Like, it rhymes? Do you pronounce Vaden with a short A perhaps? Maybe they have different last names?!), took to Instagram recently to reveal that Fetty inspired her son to remove his prosthetic eye, and no longer be ashamed of his retinoblastoma.