Tech: Lawsuit Reveals GTA Online Earned $500 Million In Microtransactions

A lawsuit against Rockstar games has revealed their online service, GTA Online, has generated $500 Million in just microtransactions alone!

Sports: WOW!! Jordan Brand Brought In HOW Much Revenue in 2013?!

We all know that the Jordan brand is a different type of monster — but WOW.  Earlier this week we shared that Michael Jordan himself still makes $80 million a year.  You think that’s a crazy number, wait until you see how much Jordan Brand products brings in!!  Bananas.  Check it out…

Billionaire Girls Club: Janet Jackson Is Officially A Billionaire!

What does Oprah, Madonna and Janet Jackson all have in common? They’re filthy rich..billionaires to be exact! Variety recently confirmed that the 47-year-old beauty is officially a billionaire. According to the entertainment-trade magazine, the various industries that she has her hands in are what helped to her to reach the financial milestone Hit the jump for more details……

Mobile Gaming Getting That Paper?!?!

With the tablet & smartphone takeover, many gamers have switched from their traditional gaming system to a mobile gaming platform. Wether it be on a cell phone or a larger tablet, developers have almost seamlessly bridged the gap in mobile gameplay quality. All those traditional Playstation 2 classics like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City & Max Payne have been converted mobile and the gameplay is the same if not better.

Boxing: Guess How Much Money Pacquiao/Bradley Made From Live Gate (Ticket Sales)?!

Sabrina B. Manny Pacquiao’s tremendously controversial split-decision loss to Timothy Bradley Jr. in their welterweight title fight on Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas generated a live gate of …

Boxing: Guess How Much Mayweather/Cotto Fight Made In PPV Revenue?!

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl Darrell Rovell from NBC Sports has the amount that HBO Sports got in pay-per-view buys for the Mayweather-Cotto Fight.  He also compares it to what Mayweather/De La Hoya made.  * This amount only includes PPV buys – nothing else like merchandise sales, sponsors, etc….

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