Micah Xavier Johnson Had Rifles And Bomb Making Materials At Home

The Dallas shooter apparently had explosive materials among other deadly things at his home, making many people think the shooting was a well thought out plan and not something he did in the heat of the moment.

(Video) Man Breaks In a Store And Steals $10,000 Worth Of Guns!

Who said Canada was soft? Local store Cabela’s in Calgary, Canada recently got robbed, stripping the store of 3 semi-automatic rifles and 9 handguns; all worth a whopping $10,000!

Man Checking In Guns Gets Arrested At JFK Airport???

A Tennessee man looking to board Kennedy Imternational airport was apprehended after trying to check in armed rifles and pistols, hit the jump for more details!

The Firearms That Will Be Banned With Sen. Feinstein’s Proposed Gun Control Bill

California Senator Dianne Feinstein was one of the first to speak up about gun control following the horrific shooting at Newtown, CT’s Sandy Hook Elementary School. On Thursday, Sen. Feinstein announced that her proposed gun control bill will ban a total of 157 types of firearms that include assault rifles. For the full list of guns that will be banned if her bill is passed below.

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