(Video) Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Makes A “Beat”

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is one of the most polarizing figures in today’s media. Love him or hate him, the man is entertaining. Just check him out speaking Jamaican Patois, or google the phrase “i’ve got plenty to eat at home”. Beats Academy of Toronto recently held a fundraiser to raise money in order to bring a group of young producers from the dot to this years SXSW. Mayor Ford shared his beatmaking talents with the crowd.

(Video) Bumbaclot: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Speaks In Jamaican Patois After Hitting The Bottle ‘A Little’

LMFAO! Just when we think Toronto Mayor Rob Ford cannot get any crazier, he pulls a new stunt like this. Ford was caught on camera at the Steak Queen restaurant in Rexdale, Toronto immitating a Jamaician and cursing in Patois. He kept saying “bumbaclot” over and over again (and it is HILARIOUS). After the video went viral, Ford admitted to reporters that he had been drinking “a little” prior to his actions that were videotaped. Click below and peep the hilarious video of the crack-smoking mayor.

(Video) Umm, What? Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Caught On Camera Busting A Few Crazy Dance Moves!

LOL, what is wrong with this guy!? It feels like every other week, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is in the news for doing something SUPER crazy. The crack-smoking politician was caught getting his groove on in front of a predominately Black West Toronto church. A member of the congregation posted a picture of Ford and himself with a caption that reads, “Man smells like ganja.” Welp, that explains the wild dance moves that he was showing off for the crowd! Check out the bizarre video below.

OH NO! Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford Offered A Sex Tape Deal!

In order to be cast for just about any ol’ thing, all you need to be is a stumbling, crack-smoking, bloated, p***y eating fool [*KIDS, DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE]! During an interview about inappropriate allegations towards a female staffer, Rob Ford mentioned the magical words to a porn company. Eating, licking, and p***y. Now, Vivid Entertainment is offering the guy a leading spot for his own sex tape. WOW! Just take a look at him while that registers. Hit the jump for the deets.

LMAO! So Soon?! Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s Television Show CANCELLED!

This dude is STILL on crack, I believe! If you’ve been following, you think the same thing, but if not – FILL IN: Rob Ford is or shall I say up until this week was the mayor in Toronto, Canada. Ford was accused of smoking crack, asking a female employee to eat her, ‘goodies’ – which, he so distastefully stated otherwise – and he was caught on film expressing a few things a mayor should not get caught saying. All of this, the reason most folks were lost in a trance when the news of his own television show, Ford Nation would be coming to a television set near you. Luckily, for some Toronto residents, prayers really do come true. After ONE episode, the show has been CANCELLED! Hit the jump to find out WHY!

(Video) Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Denies Wanting To Give Oral Pleasure To Any Other Woman Than His Wife!

Toronto’s mayor seems to really love the limelight as he continues to flourish with his uncensored actions and remarks, first with his drug usage now flat out sneaking in and denying an allegation that he wants to give oral pleasure to another woman. Mr. Ford has come clean and he does not want to “eat any other woman’s P**** than his wife, he has enough on his plate!” hit the jump for the clip and hilarious news correspondent response!

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