(Video) NFL: @RosenbergRadio Kicks The Realness: Ray Lewis Is Annoying

We are just a lil more than a week away from the Super Bowl and Rosenberg from the Hot 97 morning show kicks the realness on why Ray Lewis needs to stop pushing his religious views on football fans. I really like Ray Lewis and have been cheering for him, but I completely understand where Rosenberg is coming from. Take a listen & let us know what you think… GameTimeGirl

(Video) Is @TheRealTahiry Still In Love With @JoeBudden ? She Let’s @CiphaSounds @RosenbergRadio @KayFoxx And @OldManEbro Know!

Is Tahiry still in love with Joe Budden? She sat down with Cipha, KFoxx, Rosenberg, and Ebro and spoke on the subject. Click below to watch The Morning show interview. Melissa

The Realness: In 2013 The Peter Rosenberg And Nicki Minaj Beef Will Be OVER !!!

First, check out the glasses. LoL! Second, Rosenberg says that once January 1 comes in he doesn’t want anyone coming up to him saying ‘I hate Nicki Minaj, good job’. He doesn’t hate Nicki. Rosenberg just didn’t like the song “Starships.” Point. Blank. Period. He loves his current recognition, but he’ll be tuned into Nicki’s “real rap” come 2013. Drop down bottom for the REALNESS. JaaiR (JR)

(Video) The Realness: Does Hot 97’s, Rosenberg Have A Cheating Wife ???

Let me start off by saying that, while in a relationship FACEBOOK will ALWAYS get you into trouble. Rosenberg’s wife was suppose to be at work when she FB’d him “something cute”, but he wants to know why her location was saying that she was somewhere else. He’s looking all type of nervous. Drop down bottom to take a look. JaaiR (JR)

(Video) The Realness: Top FIVE Meanest Comments About The Hot 97 Morning Show

So, Rosenberg forever has someone coming at his neck. Listen to the top FIVE meanest comments in reference to the interview the morning crew did with Trinidad James. Can I say that I JUST NOW watched “All Gold Everything,” aaaand I say Jerome in the house, I say Jerome in the hoOouse, WATCH YA MOUTH!!! Drop down bottom for more please, thank you. JaaiR (JR)

(Video) Wait, Trinidad James HATES All Gold Everything?!?!

Trinidad James has found recent fame (or should I call it infamy?) for “All Gold Everything” yet has recently claimed that he HATES it!! He stopped by the hot 97 studios and spoke with Rosenberg and expresses his hatred towards it. Hit the jump to see what he had to say! Melissa

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