Sandra Bland’s Family Settles For $1.9 Million In Wrongful Death Suit

Sandra Bland’s family has settled their lawsuit with Waller County jail and the Texas Department of Public Safety for her wrongful death in their custody in July of 2015.

(Video) Mothers Of Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, And More Speak While At The DNC

Tonight we get a chance to hear from the mother’s of those who have lost their children to excessive force by police at the DNC. The theme of day two at the DNC is “A lifetime of fighting for children and families.”

Former Jail Guard Has Admitted To Falsifying Jail Log Entries Before Sandra Bland Was Found Dead

A former Waller County Jail guard has admitted to falsifying jail log entries shortly before Sandra Bland was found dead in her jail cell. Cannon Lamert, an attorney for Bland’s mother, Geneva Reed-Veal, said the former guard, Rafael Zuniga, told him that he had falsified entries in a jail log. ⠀⠀⠀

(Video) Fox News Blames African-American Victims For Their Deaths When It Comes To Police Brutality

If you watch Fox News then you know that news station is notorious for almost always blaming African-American victims in their tragic stories. From the death of Trayvon Martin, Alton Sterling and Sandra Bland, Fox News always gives their input on those stories but it seems to blame the victims who have lost their lives in the unfortunate situations when dealing with racist “neighborhood watch” people and police officers.

(Video) Sandra Bland Street Rename

UPDATE: Texas Trooper In Sandra Bland Case Indicted On Perjury Charge

UPDATE: Following the news of Encinia’s perjury indictment, the Texas Department of Public Safety announces that they will be terminating the Trooper. In fact, they would “begin termination proceedings” immediately. Since the extreme pressure on officials to terminate Encinia, he has been on administrative leave. ORIGINAL: While a grand jury has decided not to indict jailers connected to the death of Sandra Bland, a Waller County grand jury has decided to indict the Texas Trooper that started the tumbleweed effect, Brian T. Encinia. Prosecutor, Phoebe Smith, revealed that he has been indicted on a Class A misdemeanor of perjury. Drop down bottom for more.

Uh Yeah: Sandra Bland Would Still Be With Us If She Were White, According To Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is saying nothing that the rest of the world does not already know. Following the disturbing news that a Texas grand jury decided not to indict any officers involved in the death of Sandra Bland, Sanders says that the fact the she was Black is the reason she is not alive today. Find out more down bottom.

Grand Jury Will Not Indict Jail Employees In Sandra Bland Case

I cannot believe I’m even typing these words, but the grand jury has decided that the Waller County Jail employees who were involved in Sandra Bland’s death will not be indicted. Sickening. According to reports, jurors sat through 8 hours of evidence, and ultimately made the decision not to move forward. They are, however, considering other indictments, but exact details not not been revealed to the public.

Trial Date Set In Sandra Bland’s Wrongful Death Lawsuit

#JusticeForSandraBland and #SayHerName are just two out of many hashtags that have been going around in honor of Sandra Bland, a woman found dead under police custody. Police say that Bland committed suicide. The reasoning is very unclear for there have been so many speculations as to what has really happened. U.S. District Judge David Hittner has officially set a 2017 trial date for a wrongful death lawsuit.

Investigation Into The ‘Suicide’ Of Sandra Bland Is Almost Over

With the first grand jury gathering having taken place already [Nov. 12], special prosecutors have announced that the investigation into Sandra Bland’s alleged suicide is almost complete. Darrell Jordan, a Houston lawyer revealed that there was not enough information to come to a decision at the time, which they are still looking for, and plan to present to a grand jury in Dec., according to NBC. “It would be helpful if we had the person who shot that video, if there were things that happened before the video recorded and after,” Jordan said about a second video of Bland’s arrest that surfaced. Jordan and four other prosecutors were tapped by the Waller County district attorney to review the minimal evidence following the 28-year-old Black woman’s death. Find out more.

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