Sandra Bland’s Autopsy Results Released, Death Ruled Suicide By Hanging

It’s been ten days since the death of Sandra Bland, who was found dead in a Texas county jail cell. Bland was arrested after a routine traffic stop caught on dash cam turned violent. Her death was first ruled a suicide, however investigated as a murder. Yesterday (July 23), during a press conference the Waller County District Attorney has released autopsy results confirmed the death as suicide by hanging. Read more below.

(Video) Sandra Bland Arrest Caught On Dash Cam: Officials Say Footage Glitch Is “Technical Difficulties,” Not Edits

This has to be one of the most disturbing things to watch. Texas state trooper, Brian Encinia’s dash cam recorded the excessive force arrest of Sandra Bland. After Encinia pulled the Chicago woman over for a ‘failure to signal while switching lanes,” things between the pair got heated. Clearly upset that Bland was questioning his motives for the stop, Encinia decided to make a “lawful” arrest that was caught on film, with what many are calling edits made by the police. During the 52-minute footage, there seemed to be some foul-ups that many are calling an edit, however, Texas authorities are saying that it’s just a matter of a technical glitch. The video skips and repeats itself, periodically. Drop down bottom for more.

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