Give Me My Money: Scott Storch Passes Debt Class Ordered By Bankruptcy Judge

Super producer (of the past and working his way back up) Scott Storch has been taking the right steps to get his money back on track; 12 steps that is. Storch has completed a court-recommended course on managing his money, and well, he past. It’s time to get back to making the green in order to save it for his future. Find out more down bottom.

According To Scott Storch, Rick Ross Is His Meal Ticket Out Of Being BROKE!

Just yesterday, once-millionaire music producer Scott Storch filed for bankruptcy. However, he seems to have a method to get out of his low financial slump in which he only claims to have $100 to his name. According to Storch, who has produced some of the most popular songs to date, Rick Ross will be the leading factor as to why he gets back on his feet. Storch has been hitting the studio hardbody and has recorded some new bangers for artists such as Ricky Rozay, Chris Brown and Tyga. They should be dropping sometime in the summer, giving him some hope to put some money back into his pockets. He also signed R&B crooner Mario to his new label, CCS. We’re routing for you, Scott! Let’s just now hope Rick Ross’ legal issues blow over.

One-Time Millionaire, Scott Storch Has Only $100 To His Name … The Drugs Were Expensive

Boy-oh-Boy …. any drug that costs you millions, is one helluva drug. Scott Storch, the one-time millionaire and super producer for artists like Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, Lil Wayne and many more has filed for bankruptcy with ONLY one-hundred dollars cash to his name. Find out more after the jump.

You’ll Never Guess Which Popular Music Producer Is Dead Broke!

The music industry is tough because as fast as you start to pop and begin to bring in some serious income is as fast as it goes and you end up broke. Popular music producer Scott Storch has filed bankruptcy, claiming he only has a shocking $100 in cash, $500 in clothing and a $3,000 watch to his name as his total assets. The craziest thing is that with all of the hits he’s produced, his music companies have been valued at $0.00. According to the paperwork, Storch only made $10,000 for last year. As for how he blew his fortune, he got bad with drugs and apparently spent $30 million dollars in a six-month time span on coke and other illicit substances, along with fancy cars, luxurious mansions and so on. Such a shame, smh!

(Photos) Rick Ross Holds Mastermind Listening Session In MIA With DJ Khaled, Birdman, Fat Joe & More

Last night, Rick Ross held his Mastermind listening session for Miami’s tastemakers and influencers in his hometown of Miami. Hosted by DJ Khaled, Rozay previewed the new project for people among the likes of Birdman, Mack Maine, Ace Hood, Fat Joe, Scott Storch and more. Mastermind hits stores March 4th.

(Video) Scott Storch Reminisces On Being “Blown Away” After Meeting Eminem For The First Time

Producer Scott Storch knew Eminem was going to be something huge from the first time he met the emcee. In a recent interview, Storch looks back on being introduced to Em by Dr. Dre for the first time. He admits to being “blown away” and immediately thinking Eminem was “something completely different.” The main factor that completely shocked him about Marshall Mathers was the fact he was white, being that Dre was already saying he was one of the best rappers out. Catch the full interview below.

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