Funk Flex With Just Blaze In #5MinutesOfFunk004 #TurntableTuesday97

On the heels of that last piece ?…., which one you ask, well 001-003 of course!! In all fairness it’s very difficult to follow up such fire, unless you’re following up with a Blaze… Just Blaze to be exact!!

Two Brothers Set Record In Burning Lotto Money

What would you do if you won the lotto?? Find out how two brothers from Kansas blew their lotto winnings. Details after the jump.

(Video) SMH: WHOA! Homeless Lady Caught Scratching Her Private Parts Yelling For.. Itching Cream?!

Damn.. this is just sick. Long story short: a homeless lady, scratching her area, WHILE she’s on that time of the month — yelling for itching cream. I can’t make this up. See the video after the jump! Biz Baby

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