(Audio) Sean Hannity Claps Back At Jon Stewart!

Why is everyone at Fox so angry? lol Check out Sean Hannity take several shots at Jon Stewart, calling him some names.

(Video) Sean Hannity Spazzes After Voted “Worst of Fox” News

The now notorious Fox News Network never ceases to amaze in it’s often one sided delivery of the day’s social and political events. Being called out repeatedly for it’s sometimes viscious, inaccurate and immature broadcasting personalities and stories, the latest highlight happened this week as one reporter got all in his feelings. Voted even worse that Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity Spazzes After Voted “Worst of Fox” News.

Ann Coulter Says, Conservative Racism Is “A Lie Hoisted on America By White Liberals”

On last night’s ‘Hannity,’ author Ann Coulter took on a subject that Sean called one which “conservatives rarely want to bring up” – race. “Yes, because Democrats are demagogues – they are always appealing to a mob, ginning people up with lies and anger,” she said, later adding on the issue of racism in the U.S., “It’s a lie hoisted on America by white liberals, not black people.” Click below to see the interview. Funk Flex

Reports Reveal That A Fox News Host Offered To Pay George Zimmerman’s Legal Fees!

Global Grind did some real digging in the case of George Zimmerman after all of his jail calls were released, and they found some startling new information! Fox News has already been accused of racism so many times in the past and even with this case, they’ve been rallying behind Zimmerman for the most part. Now it’s been uncovered that one of their news anchors was attempting to pay all of Zimmerman’s legal fees in the case! Wow. Details below. Marisa Mendez

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