(Video) Okwerdz Goes In On Serius Jones At The Barbershop

Battle rap is about more than just the battle, the anticipation, the build up, how else are these cats supposed to keep people interested between battles. Disrespecting your opponent no matter how far you go is sure to get you at least a few more views and the person who wins the crowd wins the battle. Okwerdz is calling out Serius Jones for doing his usual smack talk, but this time he brought it to the barbershop where we usually see Serious on a more serious tip. Watch the video for more.

Battle Rap: Serius Jones Talks Okwerdz & Cortez Calling Him Out

Serius Jones chops it up with Vlad TV about battle rappers. To be specific the rappers he is talking about are Okwerdz And Cortez. Click below to see the video. WiL Major

Battle Rap: Serius Jones Says Murda Mook Is A Weirdo!

After Murda Mook called Serius Jones’ battle crap, VlAD tv caught with Jones. He had some interesting words to say to Mook. He did say something that make you think and he also said that Mook is a weirdo! Click below to see the full video. WiL Major

Battle Rap: Murda Mook Calls Serious Jones’ Battle “Crap”

Murda Mook sat down with Vlad TV to discuss a couple of different topics. While there Mook spoke on his evolution into a grown man, Iron Solomon and Serious Jones last battle. Which he call “Crap.” click below to see the video. WiL Major

Battle Rap: Funk Flex’s 50 Favorite Battles

“I see a lot of talking on twitter” were the words of Flex to me. I was like “Who?” He said “I see Dizaster and Mook exchanging words, I jumped in real quick” as to let them know their back and forth jabs are not going unnoticed. Then we found ourselves watching some classic battles and many recent ones(S/O to SMACK & the URL spent many days on their Youtube page, along with some from KOTD, Grindtime, Fight Klub). This became a re-occuring thing, daily battles were being talked about and watched on the net. When I say everyday I mean everyday. To the point that it was like “Yo, I got a site and I want to put a list together” I’m like “copy cool.” Which brings us here, this is not a top 50 in order, it’s a list of battles that were watched. With the explosion of Battle Rap after Canibus Vs. Dizaster and Loaded Lux Vs. Calicoe, we seemed to have battles on the forefront of other things. This is his list (your opinion doesn’t matter as to who was missed on the list and why he chose who he chose) and be clear that it is subject to change (more battles are being watched as I write this). Some dudes will get cut off the list and the list will be updated. I’m sure you will enjoy watching…

(Video) Serius Jones Vs. Charlie Clips

The summer madness keeps rolling out. This time around smack hits the world with the Serius Jones Vs. Charlie Clips battle. This was definitely a summer to remember. Click below to see the video. WiL Major

Jin Vs. Serius Jones

Jin Vs. Serius Jones

Serius Jones vs Jin

Serius Jones vs Jin

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