(Video) Seth Rogen Does a “Sausage Party” Grocery Store Prank

Check out Seth Rogen pull off the ultimate prank at a grocery store in New York for promotion of his latest upcoming movie “Sausage Party”.

(Video) NFL: Ricky Williams Believes The Fact He Smokes Weed Is The Only Reason He Won’t Go To The Hall Of Fame

Ricky Williams made an appearance this week on the Bill Simmons hosted show “Any Given Wednesday” on HBO. Along with Williams was Seth Rogen, so naturally the conversation eventually shifted towards weed. Simmons usually does a “speed round” segment with his guest where he fires off questions to get quick responses but in this case they did a “weed round” where some interesting topics were covered, such as the coolest person they ever smoked weed with. Among the topics on the show was also Williams’ issues with the NFL over his smoking and how he believes he is a hall of fame running back but will never be voted in due to his marijuana use.

(Video) Seth Rogen Does Parody of Drake’s “Hotline Bling”

Seth Rogen is known for being a great actor and his roles in movies are mostly always comical. Who knew that he could do parody’s as well?

(Video) Check Out The Second Trailer For “Sausage Party”

This movie is still as crazy as when we saw the first trailer. Check out the second, trailer which features more interactions with the humans and the food’s determination to fight back.

(Video) Seth Rogen And Jimmy Fallon Perform Kids’ Jokes

Seth Rogen took to the Tonight Show recently and joined Jimmy Fallon in performing jokes written by kids.

(Video) Seth Rogen Made Stand Up Debut at 13 In a Lesbian Bar

Of course many comedians get their start very young. Usually it’s a dare for them to go up on stage and a say of view jokes and it’s usually in an appropriate setting. Not for Seth Rogen.

(Video) Conan Gets Penises Drawn On His Face After a Game Of Mario Kart With Zac Efron and Seth Rogan

Conan thought it would be a good idea do a college themed skit to promote Seth Rogen and Zack Efron’s new movie “Neighbor’s 2”. What better way to do that than to play the classic game of Mario Kart. In typical college fashion, Zac and Seth decided that the loser of each game had do something that’s a bit risky, even for late night tv.

Sony Hackers Threaten To Attack Theaters Showing ‘The Interview’

This is getting serious. The Sony hackers who are responsible for all those leaking confidential emails have taken their threats to a new level. The masterminds behind the hacking of Sony Pictures is now threatening to attack theaters that are planning to show Seth Rogen and James Franco’s new movie, The Interview.

Kanye West Performed Entire New Album Live For Seth Rogen In a Limo!

Talk about an exclusive listening party! So exclusive, it was just Kanye West and Seth Rogen in a limo van! The Interview star revealed to Rolling Stone that he’s one of the few people in the world to hear Ye’s new album. And of course, it was presented in true Kanye fashion.

(Video) LMAO: Seth Rogen & James Franco Release Hilarious Trailer For ‘The Interview’

The dynamic comedy duo is back with a hilarious teaser to their upcoming film ‘The interview’. Seth Rogen and James Franco have teamed up to debut a comedy about a journalist who gets to interview the leader of North Korea with his producer. Things get crazy when the U.S government finds out about their trip and asks the two to assassinate the leader. Check out the hilarious trailer, here!

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