(Photo) Thug Life! Shia LaBeouf Gets New Ink And It’s A Picture Of Tupac

As Shia LaBeouf was roaming the L.A. streets, he showed off some of his new tattoos. The new ink is located on his left leg and it is a “picture” of the legendary rapper, Tupac. At first glance you wouldn’t know it Pac until you see the words “Thug Life” and then you put two and two together. Whoever did this, needs to work on their drawing skills, it’s just not right LOL! Photo in the gallery…

(Video) Shia LaBeouf And Girlfriend Mia Goth’s Explosive Fight In Germany: “I Would’ve Killed Her”

Transformers star Shia LaBeouf got into a hugh fight with girlfriend Mia Goth on the streets of Germany. The couple was spotted yelling at each other in front of their hotel, while he’s trying to get into a taxi and head for the airport. In the video, LaBeouf is saved by a few locals and makes it to the airport, but not before saying quite a few alarming things. Hit the jump for more.

(Video) Why So Angry Shia Labeouf ??

Why so angry Shia? Yesterday , you said tomorrow ! One of the hit lines in Shia Labouf’s new angry motivational speech. The inspirational video of the heart throb quickly surfaced and was replayed all over the internet. Less than 2 minute video which was made to scare you into doing the right thing? Or was he just demonstrating tough love?

Woah: Shia LaBeouf Opens Up About Being “Whipped & Raped”

Shia LaBeouf has been having quite the year but it just seems to be getting worse for the troubled actor. In a tell-all interview, he recently revealed he was “whipped and raped” by a female during his “I Am Not Famous” gallery viewing that he put himself on display for. Shia gets in-depth about male rape and goes on to give details of his seemingly horrific encounter. Click below to hear the LaBeouf detail his experience.

(Video) WHICH Actor Is On His Way To Rehab After A Court Appearance?

Things aren’t looking too good for actor, Shia LaBeouf. After a court appearance for his melt down during the Broadway play “Cabaret”, he is now forced to go to rehab. LaBeouf must attend 3 months of rehab, as part of a deal lawyers worked out for the actor pleading guilty to disorderly conduct, harassment, and criminal trespassing charges. Hopefully Shia can pull it together, he’s definitely one of my favorite actors! To see video of this story, click below.

Who is Megan Fox’s Best On-Screen Kisser?

Megan Fox is no stranger to hot on-screen kisses. From the steamy kiss with Amanda Seyfried in Jennifer’s Body, to sharing a passionate make-out session with Adam Scott in Friends With Kids, Megan has certainly has her share of worthy co-stars. But who did she say was her best on-screen kiss?

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