Would You Watch Your Boyfriend Have Sex On-Screen For Role?

Shia Labeouf’s girlfriend has no choice, but to watch her boyfriend have sex on screen for a role. You heard when Shia confirmed he was part of the movie “Nymphomanic” where he would be having LIVE SEX with his on-screen girl and not act as if he was. He is now re-confirming that he will be part of it and will not be backing out of the role! Would you care if your BF took on this new role? Hit the jump for details. Steph B

(LADIES ONLY! Check The NSFW Pics/Video!) Actor Shia Labeouf Goes FULLY Naked For New Video

File this under strangest video I’ve seen in quite some time! Sigur Rós’ new video for “Fjögur Píanó” stars Shia LaBeouf completely in the nude at some points, and cross dressing while licking light up lollipops at other points while doing some interpretive dancing. It’s really quite bizarre. If you don’t want to sit through the video (I only did it for you guys! LOL), I’ve added some screen grabs of the money shots below. Let’s just say…I’m sure Megan Fox was disappointed once upon a time. Marisa Mendez

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