Dave Lighty Has Set In Motion A Petition To Re-Open The Suicide Of His Brother, Chris Lighty

Since the fatal incident two years ago in August, artists of all kind have stated that a man such as Chris Lighty would have never committed suicide. Rapper 50 Cent has even hired a private investigator in the matter, who also states that even after a fight with his wife, Veronica Lighty or financial issues he would not have taken his own life. Now, in a search for some answers, Dave Lighty has launched a petition to re-open the case of his brother’s documented suicide. Hit the jump for details.

Want To Get Your Petition To The White House? It’s Going To Be A Little Harder Now!

It used to be a bit more simple to get your demands heard by the President, but now you’re going to have to work a little harder. Originally set at 5k signatures needed, then upped to 25k…it now will take at least 100k signatures in a 30 day span to get your petition to land on Obama’s desk. More below. Marisa Mendez

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