(Video) Skype Ready To Break All Language Barriers!!

Pretty F’ing DOPE!! In real time, while on a Skype call, 2 people that speak completely different languages, talking without an issue!!

(Video) Full Demo Of The Xbox One User Experience!!!

The one is looking like beast, with about 2 weeks before it hits the market, 2 Xbox execs walk us through just how extraordinary the One is!!

You Won’t Believe What The NSA Can Tap Now!!

So along with Edward Snowden reporting that the U.S. has been spying on its allies, the latest news from the Redmond, WA, technology giant implies that any calls made on Skype are subject to the same snooping by the NSA as regular phone calls. In a blog post today, Microsoft revealed that they “assume that all calls, whether over the Internet or by fixed line or mobile phone, will offer similar levels of privacy and security.” In an era when everyone is constantly connected, it’s amazing that the NSA can collect, let alone go through, all of the content that Snowden alleged.

Skype Is Now Offering WHAT New Features?

Skype’s brand new version of the Android app is out! This version has been updated a great deal from the previous one and promises users a more reliable and faster experience this time around. Hit the jump to find out more ..

EW! One Direction Impostor Makes Deals With Young Girls For WHAT?!?!

In this story, I’m not sure who is more sick: the impostor or the young girls. One Direction has been the newest boy-band sensation that all of these females seem to be obsessed with (modern day Backstreet Boys/ *NSYNC for us old folk.) Check out what got this man, who was posing to be Harry Styles from One Direction, in jail on a $500,000 bond after the jump!

You Can Make Skype Calls From Where??

Now Outlook users can use Skype audio and video calling in their inbox. The service is called Skype for Outlook.com and the company will started rolling it out last week in the U.K.

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