(18+*Video) Man Taps Out Tune On 8 Female ‘Cheeks’ As A Drum Set

Ummm, The video ends with music is everywhere, and he did a decent job ‘banging out’ a tune on these 4 ladies, but I’m not sure I’d be able to focus on music if I had his POV!!!

(Video) NFL: This is Ugly. Man Gets Slapped By Woman at Cowboys Game & Bottles Fly

What the f*ck is wrong with some fans?!  Games are supposed to be fun, not violent.  Here we go again with more drama at an NFL game.  This one took place after the Cowboys/Chargers game.  We don’t know what started it, but you see a woman slap a man and then he gets hit in the head with a bottle and then another man gets smashed in the face with a bottle.  This has got to stop.  SMH.

Uh Oh: A$AP Rocky Dropped From Canadian Music Festival For Alleged Fan Smacking

After recent allegations came up of A$AP Rocky smacking a fan during a concert in Philly, the Harlem-native got the boot from performing at York University in Toronto. Rocky was recently brought up on criminal battery charges for the smacking of a female fan named Lisa Wade, and according to her, she doesn’t plan to stop fighting until the “Wild for The Night” rapper is locked up behind bars. Ouch. However, the festival cooridinators also added that even though they made their harsh decision to exclude A$AP Rocky from their line-up, they are not insinuating that he is guilty. They’re simply just trying to have their own backs and not receive any type of backlash from the general public. Understandable.

(Audio) A$AP Rocky “Slapped The Hell Out Of Me,” Says Alleged Slap Victim!

Lisa Wade, the Made in America concert attendee who alleges A$AP Rocky, “slapped the hell” out of her is coming out. Wade calls into TMZ Live, and says that Rocky’s actions were “unacceptable,” and she’s looking forward to him being prosecuted and handled at the highest of extent of the law. She makes a valid point…this isn’t the first time that the, “Fashion Killa” emcee hauled off on a fan. Rocky hasn’t reached out to the slapee as of yet, and for some reason I don’t think he will. I said it once, and I’ll say it again…These artists be lovin’ their fans until they have too many! Hit the jump and check out what else Lisa Wade had to say about the incident.

(Video) Whoa, Did A$AP Rocky SLAP A Female Fan?!

Prior to his performance last night at the 2013 BET Awards, A$AP Rocky had a show in Sydney, Australia…and apparently it didn’t go as smooth as the former. While in the crowd, a girl allegedly tried to grab his hat, and it seems that he snapped back at her. I don’t think he really meant to slap her in the face, though. There was a LOT going on and a lot of people in his face. Check the video below and let us know your thoughts.

(Video) NBA: LOL, Udonis Haslem Says He’ll Pay $2K Fines ‘All Day’ To Do What?!

This is pretty funny. I mean, what’s $2k for a an NBA player?! Earlier today Udonis Haslem said that he’d pay $2,000 fines all day if he could do something specific to other players. Find out what it is after the jump…

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