(Photos) Air Canada Jet Slides Off Runway & 23 People Are Injured!

An Air Canada Jet slides off the runway at Halifax International Airport in Nova Scotia and 23 people are injured. Check out the photos of the jet off the runway in the gallery and read more on the story after the jump!

(Video) Watch Students Travel To Class Via Indoor Slides!

Ever wanted to feel like a kid again? The lucky students at Munich University get the chance to relive their childhood by traveling to class via indoor slides. Instead of walking the stairs or waiting for slow elevators, students can slide down two 4 story slides. Check out the photos of the cool installation and a video of students using the slides after the jump!

Tech Talk Leak: RIM’s 2012 Plan For Blackberry’s

LOL, Some People Just Don’t Learn, But see it for yourself, Maybe you’ll think it’s Good -_- This Come Courtesy of of @BGR, Thanks for the Heads up Fam!! +TatWZA

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