Instagram To Add Private Messaging….Puts Snapchat To Sleep?!?

Allegedly IG will add private messaging before the end of the year, which is like a month away, exciting times!!

Tweet Snapchat Style With THIS Service?!?

It’s not exactly snapchat, but does offer a snap chat type service. Created by a former Twitter employee(engineer) Pierre Legrain, Twitterspirit allows people who have twitter, and enable spirit, to hashtag a time i.e. #1m, and the tweet will last only that long!

(Video) Snapchat Has Competition With Invisibletxt?!!

This seems rather interesting, Invisibletxt boasting that they can send ‘safe and secure’ messages with ‘Patented Technology’. Could this be the grown folks version of snap chat? Hmmm we won’t know until it takes off as it has just launched! Video below can tell you a little more about it!

Want To Save Snapchats Without The Sender Knowing?? This App Can Help

I’m not even going to think about what people are doing on Snapchat that they need to save pictures sent to them without the sender knowing, but a new app has made this much easier. Snapchat, a service which allows users to send photos visible for a maximum of 10 seconds before deleting them forever, notifies the sender if the recipient takes a screenshot of a picture. While there have been hacks and workarounds to get around this, a new app makes it much easier to save snaps with the sender being none the wiser. Read more for details on the app and how you can get your hands on it.

SnapChat For Android UPGRADES!

For all you Snapchat users the latest version for the Android app has added a set of new features including the ability to view conversations and other gesture-based navigation controls. Hit the jump to see what other new perks this app is offering..

Snapchat Disabled WHAT Feature?

Snapchat is a place where we send embarrassing pictures as well as videos knowing that that particular person cannot retrieve it after the designated time is up. But you might think twice about snapchatting that embarrassing photo after you read this..

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