First Case Of Instagram Cyber-Bullying

A 15 year old boy of Arvada, Colorado has been charged with five counts of third-degree harassment for his actions on a social networking site. An “anonymous” Instagram account was created where pictures of five Ralston students appeared, likely taken from Facebook and uploaded to Instagram. Each picture was accompanied by a caption with derogatory or sexual comments, says CBS Denver. The Arvada police were notified almost immediately after the account was created. They were then able to track the person who did it through their IP address.

“Do You Have Facebook?” Ban Hits The Real World

  Many states are adopting a new ‘law’ that will protect employee’s social networking rights. Law enforcement is a popular one, but there are many businesses where you are asked to log into your Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking account. They then go through your stuff wether it be in front of you, or not to evaluate you either suitable or not for the position. People don’t make the same decisions in a business setting as they do on Facebook, which can be an issue for many.  For a select few states, there is no need for worry! Tat Wza

Facebook Lets You Manage More Personal Privacy Content

The on going issues with social networking are typically Privacy & Discretion. Facebook deals with a lot of both; which often times becomes more of how they responded rather than what happened. They’ve developed a slew of new features that should help make every users experience a better one. Things you don’t fully understand can be extremely difficult to work with; but knowing something in and out, front to back makes a world of a difference. Facebook takes you into their Newsroom to give you some newly generated tips & tricks to help better your social networking experience! Tat Wza

Back Up Instagram Pictures To Hard Drive

  All this drama regarding the Privacy Policy & Legal Terms of Instagram has many thinking. Even after the clarity, some may still be weary about keeping certain photos of theirs on Instagram. Some may even want to delete their account if only they wouldn’t lose their photos. The solution is here!! Info & Download link after the jump. Tat Wza

Instagram Sells Your Pics To Big Companies

Instagram, [Facebook] has issued a change in their Privacy Policy & Terms of Service, which will be effective as of January 16th, 2013. Facebook, owners of Instagram, have officially moved in as owners and have already shown presence. Their new policy gives them ownership rights of your photos to then use for financial gains. Hit the jump to find out what they’re changing. Tat Wza

Google+ Adds How Many New Features !?!?

Google+ hit their 100 million user mark this past June; Now they sit comfortably at around 235m users. This growth shows that even in a time where it seems impossible to compete with Facebook & Twitter, Google has the right ideas. Their in-house apps and features mixed with a social networking platform are definitely in demand. For the holidays Senior VP Vic Gundotra happily announced a large amount of new features on their way over to Google+ users in the coming days. Find out just how many after the jump Tat Wza

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