Bloomberg Sues City Council Over Stop & Frisk Law?!

When Bloomberg has a point to make, the mayor of NYC intends on being heard, no matter how many times you try to shut him down. Although many can agree he’s done quite a bit to make the city better, he’s also been stubborn about a few other things, including the soda ban and Stop & Frisk. A judged ruled Stop & Frisk to be unconstitutional and required that the program have a lawyer oversee the controversial program. Bloomberg has made public statements that he believes minorities should be stopped more, and he has completely attributed Stop & Frisk to the decrease of violence in NYC. Find out what he’s suing City Council for after the jump.

The Realness: Cipha, Rosenberg, & K. Foxx Weigh In On Mayor Bloomberg’s Soda Ban!

Hot 97‘s Morning Show spoke some Realness about Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s ban on big sized soda. Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg are the perfect example on how torn NYCers have been about the decision. Yes, a ban on soda will be much healthier for people, but it is a person’s right to choice to drink the soda. Are you for or against the soda ban? Check out The Realness below. Julie A.

(Photos) Mountain Dew & The NY Art Department Make A Statement Against Bloomberg’s Proposed Soda Ban

Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed ban on soda (to help combat obesity) in New York City is being met with much controversy, naturally. The city will be voting on it this Thursday so in response, soda company Mountain Dew came together with the New York Art Department to take a creative stand against the proposal. The two groups have started “PROHIBITION: NEW YORK CITY,” a local outdoor campaign featuring posters that show a faux 17oz can (the proposed ban is 16oz.). Check out more of the imagery below. Marisa Mendez

Bloomberg Does Not Stand Alone In Soda Ban

Mayor Bloomberg of NYC is not messing around with the proposed plan to limit the city’s soda sizes at eating establishments. He now has the backing of Weight Watchers President, Dave Burwick, along with creators of Jenny Craig, the South Beach Diet, Best Life Diet, Dukan Diet, and Picture Perfect weight loss. Bloomberg has asked the board of health to impose a 16oz. limit on the size of sugary beverages. Click below to read more. Jason J.

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