(Fellas Check The Pics) #ThongThursday: Latina Edition! Check Out All That Pound Cake!

In honor of #ThongThursday, we have some phat a*ses from some sexy Latina women for your viewing pleasures! Peep the big booties swallowing up the thongs in the gallery!

A Woman Runs Herself Over And Dies While Parking Her Own Van!

Ana Maria Prieto was trying to park her van but it started to roll after she forgot to use the handbrake. She chased after the vehicle to try and stop it, but the van then went over the wall and crushed her. Read more on the story below!

(Graphic*Video) Caught On Tape: Man Tries To Murder His Wife

This happen outside the US, yet still very disturbing. After a car crash, the wife jumps out and tries to run, a passerby catches it from there, the husband chases her down and apparently tries to finish what the car crash didn’t do.

(Video) Texas School BANS Hispanic Students From Speaking Spanish?!

Principal Amy Lacey of Hempstead Middle School in Hempstead, Texas decided to ban the Hispanic students from being able to speak their native tongue of Spanish while they’re at school. The new policy was announced via the intercom, although nobody seemed to listen. The school’s population is about 50% Hispanic, so the thought of there being NO Spanish spoken at all seems a little ridiculous. The students have apparently been told if they’re caught speaking Spanish, the will be “written up and kicked out of class.”

(Photos) Uh-Oh! Builders Of 47-Foot Skyscraper Forget THIS!!!

Spain was on it’s way. They had a 47-foot skyscraper being built which would include homes for the likes of the wealthy from both Spain and abroad. With it’s initial blueprint, it was titled “an unquestionable standard for the future.” However, it was revealed that the initial funds to develop the luxury estate were from “bad banks” now defunct, but despite the slight hurdle, in haste, they were still able to build. Check out what was left out after the jump.

(Video) GunPlay – “Bible On The Dash” [Official]

LMAO Yo’! “With all this Hannah Montana/Without the Arm & Hammer/Am I gonna get the slammer or the casket,” is just one of the crazy lines in this video. Let’s not even go there with the Spanish! Drop down bottom and check out Gunplay’s visual for “Bible on the Dash.”

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