NBA: Celtics To Unveil Bill Russell Statue

About time!!! NBA great Bill Russell is finally getting a statue in his honor.  The Celtics announced the news yesterday. Details after the jump…

MLB: Stop It! SMH, Jackie Robinson Statue in Brooklyn Vandalized

In Brooklyn?! REALLY?!  C’mon fam, this is ridiculous.  Not that it should happen anywhere…ever, but I’m shocked in Brooklyn.  There are racists idiots everywhere.  SMH. The Jackie Robinson statue at Coney Island Ballpark has been defaced with graffiti & racist slurs.  Just sickening.  Report after the jump…

(PHOTO) NBA: Kobe Bryant Has A Statue In China

There is no doubt that Kobe is an international star.  Eventually there will be a Kobe Bryant statue at the Staples Center, but for now if you want to want to see one – you will have to go to … China!  Basketball fans in China love them some Kobe and have made a statue out of the Black Mamba.  Check it out & let us know what you think of it…

(Video) Wale Explains What “The Gifted” Album Cover Is All About

In recent days, Wale has been criticized for the album cover of, “The Gifted.” Why is there a statue of himself? Why the ‘vanity hands’? Why the Jesus pieces? Why the girls? Just a lot of questions…To sum things up, it’s “MY ART,” Wale says. The talented MC expresses in detail his reasoning for the cover, so now, all criticisms can cease and desist. Drop down bottom and take a look.

(Video + Photo) Rosa Parks Memorial Statue Was Revealed Today At U.S Capital

This is awesome! Another civil rights pioneer will be seen within the walls of the U.S. Capital for decades to come. This really is one of my heroes. The statue of Parks, 9 feet tall and in bronze, will be in Statuary Hall, where the House of Representatives met in the early 1800s. A niece and a longtime friend of Parks assisted the President and a few congressional leaders pull off the shroud that covered the statue. It’s perfect too. I say it signifies who this woman really was. Strong, hard, stood well in her position, and posture up straight with confidence. I LOVE IT. Drop down bottom and check it out.

Rosa Parks To Be Honored With A Statue On Capital Hill

Rosa Parks will become the first African American woman to earn a statue on Capital Hill. Sen. Charles E. Schumer announced that Rosa’s statue will be placed in Statuary Hall. Each state in America sends two statues representing people from their state and Rosa has been chosen from Alabama. The statue will be arriving later this year. If anyone deserves a statue in the Hall, it’s certainly Rosa Parks. Read more below.

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