(Video) NFL: This Kid is DISTRAUGHT Panthers Cut Steve Smith; Steve Sees Video & Reacts!!

I don’t blame this kid for being upset, a lot of fans were. A kid named Gavin didn’t handle the news very well when his dad broke his heart and told him Steve Smith was cut from the Panthers. His sister Sophia on the other hand was a little more optimistic. BUT guess who saw the video?! The man himself — Steve Smith. I have a feeling this kid is about to get one hell of a surprise. Check out the video & Steve’s tweets about the video after the jump…

NFL: Didn’t Take Long, Baltimore Ravens Sign Steve Smith

Barely less than 24 hours after the Carolina Panthers cut their all time leading receiver Steve Smith, he has a new home. The Baltimore Ravens annouced a three year deal with Smith today. Earlier we reported that Smith said there would be blood spilled if the new team he signs with plays the Panthers. Well folks, guess who is on the Ravens schedule next season. As a fan of football, I already can’t wait to see that game.

NFL: It’s Like That? Panthers Steve Smith Promises Blood Will Spill If He Plays Them After Team Cuts Him

I think it is pretty safe to say Steve Smith is not happy about being cut from the only team he has ever known, the Carolina Panthers. He is ready for a war if whatever team he winds up with winds up playing Carolina next season. The Panthers have been his only team in his career, but at age 35 the team once again reminded us that this is a business. Now Smith is going to make it his business to go after them if he gets the chance. Hit the jump.

(Video) NFL: Steve Smith Threatens to Punch Janoris Jenkins in His ‘F**king Face’

Never a dull moment with Steve Smith and if I were Janoris Jenkins I’d take this threat seriously.  The Panthers defeated the Rams 30-15 today but things got real testy between Smith and Jenkins with the trash talk apparently going too far.

(Audio) NFL: Steve Smith STRESSES That He ‘Don’t Go in The Same Circles’ As Kerry Rhodes

Well ok Steve. Geez, we get it!  During an interview yesterday Panthers’ Steve Smith stressed that he & Kerry Rhodes ‘don’t go in the same circles.’  It’s not fair to jump to conclusions, but of course many fans think it’s because of all the gay rumors surrounding Rhodes.  Some also think that because of the rumors, that’s why Rhodes hasn’t gotten snatched up in the NFL.  I would like to believe that’s not true, but then I’d have to believe that unicorns exist. It’s such a shame. Check out what Steve Smith had to say & weigh in….

NFL: Steve Smith Rips Into Cam Newton

Carolina Panthers receiver Steve Smith says he “lit into” Cam Newton about his actions on the sideline when the young quarterback was replaced late in the fourth quarter of Thursday night’s 36-7 blowout loss to the New York Giants. GameTimeGirl

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