Budweiser & Miller Merge In Record $104.48B Deal!!!

Good news for beer lovers! Anheuser-Busch InBev (BUD) agreed overnight to merge with SABMiller. BUD bought SABMiller for about $68/share. This makes BUD the largest beer brewer in the world; they will now possess about 1/3 of the beer market. Heineken is second and a bit behind, owning 9% of the market. Hit the jump to find out what this means for new beer recipes.

A High School Student Makes $72 Million In The Stock Market!

Mohammed Islam is only 17 but the kid from Queens who attends Stuyvesant High School just made millions while on his lunch break. The High School student is months from graduation and worth nearly $72 million. Mohammed Islam already bought himself a BMW and rented an apartment in Manhattan. He doesn’t have a license and his parents won’t allow him to move of the house just yet. But Islam isn’t the only young stud. A group of young people called Wall Street wolf-cub eat regularly at Morimoto where they enjoy $400 caviar and freshly squeezed Apple juice. Mohammed plans to start his broker-deal license once he turns 18. Mohammed and friends intend to make billions by next year. We are looking at the next big thing.

(Video) Some Facts About The Twitter IPO That Will Make You Want To Buy Stock!!!

I think I’m gonna go ahead and get in on this when it goes down! Twitter although it isn’t the biggest in history, it may very well be the most important, and financially worth it!

You Be The Critic: Will You Buy Stock In Twitter?! [Poll]

I only ask because Tech companies on the stock market tend too move toward the darkside of success. Going back to Myspace, they didn’t go public, but when they sold to a major corp, all downhill. Now FB went public with the biggest IPO in Tech history, and is starting to thrive a year later(actually just getting close to where it started), but initially it was looking kinda ugly.

Tech Talk Web: What Tech Company Is Growing The Fastest??

With all the coverage of the Facebook IPO it is obvious how powerful and important tech companies are to our economy. Hit the jump lets check out which tech company is currently growing the fastest. @ShottaDru X @TatWza

Tech Talk News: Apple Stocks Skyrocket The Day Before The Release Of The iPad 3!!!

Besides selling out of all presale models of the iPad 3 Apple seen huge profits in the stock market. Yesterday before it’s release Apple finally reached the $600 mark. Check out the full stock on Apple stock after the jump. +TatWZA X @ShottaDru Shotta Dru on Google+

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