Army Chief Honors Brave Pakistani Boy Killed After Tackling Bomber

General Raheel Sharif, The Chief Of Army, has honored Aitzaz Hasan, a Pakistani student who bravely tackled a bomber before entering his Hangu school, saving hundreds, hit the jump for more.

(Photos) No More Carnage!! 75 Killed In Suicide Bombing At Church In Pakistan!!

A suicide bomb attack on a Christian Church killed 75 people in Pakistan today. As the morning service was coming to a close, a man entered the church hall and blew himself up. At the time of the bombing, there were up the 600 people present during the service. At least 34 women and 7 children were killed. Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif criticized terrorists, saying they had no religion because killing innocent people is against Muslim teachings. This is a shame! People can’t even praise God without worrying about being killed. What is the world coming to? No group has come forward to take responsibility for today’s tragedy. To see pictures of the aftermath, click below.

(Photos) Suicide Bomber Attacks US Embassy In Turkey

A suicide bomber attacked the US Embassy in Ankara Turkey leaving two dead and causing damage to the near by buildings. The incident occurred when a suicide bomber detonated explosives killing himself and a Turkish security guard, all US Embassy Staff was sent off to Safe Rooms until the site could be scoured for more explosives and Turkish National Police were heading the investigation. More information is to be released today. Check the pics in the gallery.

Suicide Attackers Kill 14 People In Afghanistan

A suicide attack in eastern Afghanistan today killed 14 people, including three NATO service members and four Afghan police, and wounded 57 others, a spokesman for the Afghan interior ministry said.  Check below for more! DJ Matthew Tyler

Suicide Bomber At Afghanistan Funeral

A funeral has turned into a suicide bombing as 25 people were killed and another 30 wounded. The bombing happened in the village of Shagai in the Durbaba district of eastern Nangarhar province. As of now, no one has claimed responsibility, but there has been fighting against the Taliban and other insurgents in the region. Click below to read more. Jason J.

(Video) Suicide Bomber Blows Up Van At Check Point And Bodies Go Flying Everywhere!!!

This war is getting out of hand, I hate killing myself in MW3 imagine in real life. CRAZY!!!! Click below to see the video. @WiLMajor

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