(Video) Game Shows Support For Nicki Minaj Amidst Remy Ma Beef

After he warned (threatened) the cameraman lol, Game showed his support for Nicki with a bouquet of flowers.

(Photo) Kid Cudi Thanks Everyone Who Showed Him Support During His Time Of Need

Kid Cudi has taken to Facebook to show support for those who wished him nothing but the best during his time of need. Cudi took a few weeks to get his self together as he was experiencing suicidal thoughts. He is now out and doing better.

(Photo) Fans From All Over Send Their Love And Support To Kid Cudi

Yesterday Kid Cudi took to Facebook to let all his fans know that he has checked in to rehab due to Depression and suicidal thoughts. Since then, social media has sent nothing but love and support to Cudi. Everyone is expressing how much Cudi has changed their lives with his music. Honestly, anyone who has ever took the time out to listen to Cudi has probably felt like this.

Beyoncé Offers Support To Overturn North Carolina’s Anti-LGBTQ Law

Beyonce offers her support on an issue America’s been facing head on for some time now – North Carolina’s Anti-LGBTQ laws. Lately it’s caused many artists canceling concerts in the state and Mrs. Carter comes forward to offer her support.

(Video) Kesha Sings For All Her Supporters As A Big Thank You

Kesha’s fans have truly had her back through her rough time. They have even protested in front of Sony asking them to let Kesha go. In return, she has now released a song to her fans.

(Photo) Chingy Endorses Donald Trump For President

Donald Trump has officially picked up his first supporter from the Hip-Hop community. Friday (January 22) rapper Chingy announced his support for the leading Republican nominee. While many rappers, like Killer Mike and Lil B have shown support for Bernie Sanders, Chingy expressed his feelings on why Trump is the right man for the job. Read more below.

Meek Mill Back In Court For Probation Violation

Meek Mill headed back to court Thursday for his probation violation hearing and according to reports, things are not looking good. With girlfriend Nicki Minaj and many other supporters by his side, Meek faced this judge this morning while his attorneys called numerous character witnesses to the stand to speak on his behalf. In case you missed it, Nicki Minaj took the stand last week for her boyfriend telling the judge, “He’s not perfect but I can’t believe how much he’s changed” and promising to help keep him in line. Numerous others testified on Meek’s behalf, some calling him a “role model,” while others say he’s humble and that he and Nicki make a great couple. However the judge isn’t here for it… Hit the jump for more.

(Photo) B.o.B. Claims He’s “Suppressed” By Atlantic Records

B.o.B. took to his Twitter to air out his current frustrations with his label, Atlantic Records. According to the ATL emcee, he gets zero support from the label. In series of tweets, he said, “There’s a ban on BoB,” adding, “They boycott me, they are afraid I’ll get too much exposure. When ppl say I’m ‘under-rated’ or ‘slept-on’ … it’s not entirely the case… ‘suppressed’ is a better word” This isn’t the first time Atlantic has been blasted for not supporting their artists, Wacka Flocka recently went on a similar twitter rant, saying Atlantic is holding him back. Read more below.

Pastor’s Pregnant Wife Murdered; Prayers And Support Pour In

This past week, Pastor Davey Blackburn came home to his wife and future child murdered in his Indiana home. An abundant amount of support and prayers now are flooding in. Read the full story here.

(Video) Students Of Spring Valley High Assemble A Protest In Support Of Officer Ben Fields

Looks like not ALL of the world is happy that Senior Deputy Ben Fields has lost his job. Specifically, the students of Spring Valley High School; the same high school where he forcefully drug and slammed a teenage girl for not exiting the classroom; all of which was caught on camera. Around 10 a.m. Friday morning, an assembly of about 100 students gathered on the school’s first floor to protest Fields’ return. Both Black and White students were seen wearing shirts with the words “Free Fields” or “#BringBackFields” written on them. The students say that the resource officer was widely known throughout the school, but not for his habits of abuse. “I think he did his job. That’s what he’s supposed to do when a student don’t actually get up and listen,” one of the officer’s supporters said. “I think it’s her fault too for not listening.” Find out more after the jump.

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